Cutting-edge products for the optical + beyond


EDGEPro Expands

GPN Technologies releases four enhancements to EDGEPro business intelligence software. The new features offer substantial customization options for prioritizing and monitoring key practice metrics, uncovering revenue trends, exploring transaction details, and setting goals for improving the bottom line.

Zeiss/IDOC Partner

IDOC, Zeiss Vision Care US, and Zeiss Medical signed a five-year agreement to bring Zeiss’ lab services, lens products, and medical equipment to all 3,000+ IDOC optometrists across the U.S.

New Pro Website

Transitions Optical launched a refreshed TransitionsPro website, featuring dedicated resources for ECPs. It also includes a learning center and success stories from peers.


Unity BioSync

VSP Optics enters the contact lens category with the launch of Unity BioSync. The premium daily disposable spherical contact lens provides comfort and optical performance through a proprietary combination of silicone hydrogel material and proprietary polymer coating, according to the company.

Unity BioSync has a base curve of 8.8mm and a diameter of 14.1mm, with a power range of +8.00D to -10.00D. It offers a Dk/t value of 150, allowing more oxygen to get to the eyes, which is critical in preserving eye health.

The lenses will initially be available to patients through practices participating in the VSP Global Premier Program.


LEXCE Trend Series

Santinelli introduces three new models to its LEXCE Trend Series of edging systems. The Trend ND, Trend 8, and Trend8 ND have a variety of combinations of features (such as drilling, custom bevels, and high-curve edging), which allows practices to set their own price points and personalize the options they need most. , 800-644-3343


Briot Evo XS 2

The Briot Evo XS 2 completes the Briot midrange product portfolio designed for high-volume in-office lab services that may also need a remote tracing option. It combines the best technologies of the Scan 8 tracer and the Evolution Edging System for tracing, blocking, and edging in a small footprint. Its drilling feature provides a full-range angle from 0 to 30 degrees. , 800-729-1959


Vertex Distometer

In the exam room, the trial lens can be a greater distance from the pupil than the lens in the final eyewear, especially when fitting a high minus or high plus. The Vertex Distometer, new from Western Optical Supply, compensates the patient’s Rx by measuring the position of wear vertex distance and provides a compensation scale to determine the appropriate modification to the Rx. , 505-455-1100