EB’s exclusive Generations Focus Group Study defines what motivates each age group to buy + why

What makes the generations tick? What draws each one in...and keeps them coming back for their eye care and eyewear?

That’s what we set out to answer in our first-ever Generations Focus Group Study of optical trends across the ages. And, to find out, we invited readers to tell us about their experiences with each generation—from Gen Z (ages 9-23) all the way up to the Greatest Generation (ages 91-103).

From buying to selling, marketing online to making house calls, respondents tell all about working with each generation.

of ECPs have seen a rise in myopia, especially among Gen Z patients, ages 9 to 23.

of frames on display target Gen X—and that’s not likely to change over the next five years.

The Big Boom

Boomers still represent the highest percentage of patients and customers in most practices. Over the next five years, ECPs foresee only a slight change—with Gen Xers edging out Boomers for the top slot.

Future Focus?

When looking ahead, ECPs say Gen X will be nearly as important to growth as Millennials.

Millennial Slide

ECPs still say Millennials are key to their business, but their relative importance is falling.


These eyewear purchasing criteria were ranked as “very important” to all generations of patients + customers. Style and quality are tied for top billing, while brand name is reported as the least important factor to consumers.

56% » Style

56% » Quality

48% » Performance

37% » Price

33% » Color

28% » Insurance

17% » Cool Factor

11% » Brand Name

Blue Who?

Gen Y and Gen X are much more likely to purchase blue light protection than are other age groups.

Frame Facts

Gen X-focused styles account for nearly a third of the average frame assortment. Millennials account for only 23%, and that’s dropped 14 percentage points since 2017. Looking ahead, ECPs say those numbers won’t change much between now and 2024.


ECPs explain how they market to specific generations:

TECHIES: “We have added online scheduling and text communications for the tech-savvy group.”

KIDS: “We offer poly at no charge for children 13 and under.”

MILLENNIALS: “To attract them, we have added free delivery, more cool frames, and lens packages.”

SENIORS: “We service nursing homes and homebound patients.”


What’s most important to all consumers?

  1. Great customer service
  2. Fast Rx turnaround
  3. Unique shopping experience