Clean + Connected

The organized and orderly optical area of Clear Eye Associates + Optical.

Thanks to Netflix organizing sensation Marie Kondo, tidying up has never been more on trend.

Is your optical in need of some spring cleaning—and organizing?

“Utilizing clear delineation between brands and price points makes the shopping experience more straightforward and logical for the patient,” says David Moore, O.D., of Clear Eye Associates + Optical in Fort Worth, TX. “Our capture rate has remained high, we are seeing our market share grow, and our sales for higher-end product have been good. We believe much of this is due to clear branding, consistency in display, and overall orderly look.”

Dr. Moore’s optical, shown here, keeps it clear by utilizing order-invoking display systems from the Eye Designs Group and communal tables to tie it all together.

Plus, the practice stays connected digitally via Eye Designs’ EyeQueue social media-integrated photo booth, which allows customers to tag the practice on Instagram to receive discounts.