This year, you’ll be sure to hear a lot more about myopia.

Myopia progression, experts believe, is approaching crisis stage in this country and around the globe. In fact, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, nearly half of all Americans will suffer from myopia by 2020 if steps aren’t taken to stem its rise.

In response, Essilor has tapped 14 vision care specialists to helm the Myopia Task Force, charged with finding bold new ways to better treat and manage myopia—especially in children. The task force will work to establish a recommended protocol and preferred method for comprehensive myopia care as part of Essilor’s Myopia Initiative in Action program (launching later this year).

The task force: Drs. Thomas Aller, David Anderson, Craig Brawley, Mark Bullimore, Alan Glazier, John Lahr, Maria Liu, Pamela Lowe, Moshe Mendelson, Pamela Miller, Yi Pang, Earl Smith, Long Tran, and David Troilo.

Learn more about the Myopia Task Force (and how myopia relates to digital device use) in our feature article on p.76. —SUSAN TARRANT

“The rate at which the prevalence of myopia is increasing is staggering.”

—MILLICENT KNIGHT, O.D., F.A.A.O., FAARM, senior VP of customer development at Essilor of America

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Euromonitor’s annual report on emerging global trends reveals consumers’ changing values and how their behavior may impact business models. In 2019, the report says, consumers will be:

  1. Living healthier, longer lives and won’t want to be treated as “old.”
  2. Choosing simplicity over materialism but also higher-quality products over generics.
  3. Rewarding companies and brands that turn to higher-welfare products and ethical messaging.
  4. Using technology to create and experience things together but remotely.
  5. Getting information from multiple sources, prompting brands to innovate to earn their business.
  6. Disconnecting from technology (periodically) and prioritizing activities that give them joy.
  7. Taking preventive measures against illness, unhappiness, and discomfort.
  8. Seeking businesses that promote sustainable materials and practices.
  9. Seeking instant gratification and immediate services, creating more time for professional or social endeavors.
  10. Enjoying solo activities and experiences as part of their independent lifestyles.


PRETTY IN PINK: Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway unpacks Spring ’19 style in spades with Givenchy shades in an on-point retro-modern silhouette, style 7109/S from Safilo.
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The subscription box industry—think Blue Apron and FabFitFun—has grown 400% in the last five years, according to Eyenavision, Inc. So, the company has launched a subscription box program to allow ECPs to get in on the fun and refresh their frame boards.

The Chemistrie Frame Subscription Box will arrive monthly at participating ECPs’ offices, each box filled with three best-selling frames from the Chemistrie optical frame line, plus eyewear-themed gifts for the staff, custom-designed by the Chemistrie marketing team. Non-Eyenavision customers are welcome. The boxes are shipped monthly for a flat, discounted price. —S.T.