Style LS114 BLS from Tura

“The nod to vintage is a nod to the way I was raised, going to flea markets and estate sales every weekend. My mom had incredible style and not a big budget.”

—Lara Spencer

Known for her work as a contributor on ABC’s “Good Morning America” (GMA), creator and host of HGTV's “Flea Market Flip,” and ABC's star interviewer for many red carpet events, Lara Spencer is a creative tour de force. Now, with an eyewear collection with Tura, she’s also a specs designer. EB catches up with her here to learn more.

EB: With your amazing career in media, why was launching eyewear a natural progression for you?

Lara Spencer: [Tura] reached out to me and said that they really liked my look, they love “Flea Market Flip,” and that they wanted to do a flea market-inspired collection that was vintage-feeling but also very modern and clean. The timing was phenomenal, because in the past few years I’ve had to start embracing the fact that I do need glasses.

They’re a terrific accessory that can really set the tone for your look. I look at glasses as a true piece of jewelry—just like earrings, a statement necklace, or a fabulous cuff.

EB: How involved were you with designing the collection?

LS: I can’t say enough about how much Tura embraced my input. It was kind of love at first sight—no pun intended. I go in with a lot of ideas—and every time I go to flea markets I make sure to grab old frames that we can reinterpret.

EB: How is your style DNA evident in the eyewear collection?

LS: They’re a little bit playful and vintage-inspired. The collection is girly but also sporty, and also has a modern side as well. I’ve learned you can be more than one woman and you can wear more than one frame.

EB: Which styles are you wearing right now?

LS: There’s a sexy, studded cat frame that I live in [style LS112 BUR]. It’s a merlot color—I love what it does for my skin tone. There’s also an aviator sun that I’m obsessed with—they’re sleek, sexy, with an Italian Windsor rim. But, they’re also so comfortable that I can play two sets [of tennis] full-tilt and forget they’re on my face [style LS505 TOR].

EB: What other projects do you have in the works?

LS: I just shot a pilot for HGTV—a new primetime show that is definitely in the same genre as "Flea Market Flip" but very different and very fun. I also just signed a long-term deal with GMA. I love getting up every morning with America—it’s the greatest job on the planet.