Designer Rebecca Minkoff sits down with EB to share her passion for celebrating all women—and creating defining accessories and eyewear for them via her new collection with Safilo

Designer Rebecca Minkoff
Photo: Paul Maffi. Image courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff ‘s new ‘I Am Many’ campaign is about celebrating the many facets of a woman in a holistic view.

“It’s about the fact that you can play many roles, and that when you look at relying on all of those parts of you versus just trying to be brave, or beautiful, or perfect, that you can really be a lot more successful,” says Minkoff of her namesake company’s new, inspiring marketing campaign—and her support of women in life and in style.

Minkoff, who developed an affinity for design in the costume department in high school, moved to New York at age 18 to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Today, Rebecca Minkoff is a global brand with a wide range of apparel, handbags, footwear, jewelry, and accessories, including a new eyewear collection with Safilo.

Here, we catch up with the designer to learn more about her style directions + new eyewear collection.

EYECARE BUSINESS: What is the heart + soul of the Rebecca Minkoff brand?

REBECCA MINKOFF: [There’s] this idea that for a very long time, women have been marketed at to be one thing. A woman is many things—a gym-goer, a board member, a CEO, a jogger, a wife, a sister…[We’re] beginning to talk to women to play into their strengths.

For us, it takes the form of being really versatile in product offerings so that we’re not just talking to one woman, but we’re talking to lots of different women who want to express different sides of themselves aesthetically to showcase who they are.

EB:How is the Rebecca Minkoff brand DNA evident in your new eyewear collection with Safilo?

RM: It really is focused around the varied silhouettes—classic retro shapes to a more fashion-altered rendition of a cat-eye. We wanted to make sure to appeal to women, from those who really express their true fashion with eyewear to the women who just want to have their eyewear blend in.

The use of color and hardware is something that you see in our bags, and we wanted to make sure that you got that from the eyewear as well—whether studs, or bright colors, or mixtures of colors.

EB:What are some of your favorite features in the collection?

RM: It’s a very vibrant, optimistic color palette, whether it’s red or yellow or bright cobalt. Also, the use of star studs and gradient mirrored lenses.

We always hear customers say, “Listen, I was stopped for my bag, not because someone saw the plaque on it.” We wanted to make sure that this could also occur with our eyewear.

EB:If you had to pick a favorite child in the collection, what stands out to you personally?

RM: The ones that I have on repeat are called the Stevie 2/S with mirrored lenses—but only because it fits my face shape. It has signature studs on the end piece.

EB:Beyond eyewear, what unique projects are on the horizon at Rebecca Minkoff?

RM: Back in September, we launched a podcast called “Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff” to focus on incredible female stories of women that I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Whether it’s an editor-in-chief or a well-known chef, we wanted to tell their stories in a way that’s real and goes over their vulnerabilities, their challenges, and their fears.

I also launched the Female Founder Collective in September. There’s no symbol that exists for consumers to vote with their dollars when it comes to female-founded companies, so we are spearheading that symbol, as well as the collective of female founders who have very different challenges.

The Gloria style

The Stevie 4/S