The New Face of EB.

The issue you hold in your hands is a revolutionary one for Eyecare Business.

Here, we unveil a bold, fresh new look for this respected magazine with a 32-year legacy in serving independent eyecare professionals with the very best in business, fashion, and product information. One of the key reasons that, according to third-party research, EB is a consistent leader in requested and quality subscribership.

We remain steadfast to our DNA to provide usable, actionable, compelling content in a visually engaging way. But, we kick things up a major notch with our ground-breaking redesign in this special issue.

 First off, you’ll notice a highly modern + very clean new logo—eb.—for Eyecare Business, which has long been known as “EB” in the industry and with our readers. We thought we’d shake things up in a major way—and get right to the point in doing so.

 Next, as you step inside our front cover, you’ll find a modern new look for all of our EB columns, with new, cool fonts and a revamped, enticing color palette. Our fashion + business features deliver the same visually engaging look readers have come to know—and tell us they love.

 And, for even more appeal—and ease of reading—check out our newly designed #EBNewProducts section starting on page 83. We have bigger, more gorgeous product photos and easy-to-digest layouts that will help you plan your optical assortment across the board, in a snap.

It truly takes a village, and we have to give tremendous thanks to our expert editorial + art team, who worked incredibly hard on this innovative new issue to bring a gorgeous and fresh, new face to Eyecare Business:

William Pfaff, Senior Art Director

Susan Tarrant, Managing Editor

Kerri Ann Raimo, Senior Associate Editor

We so hope that you enjoy this special, groundbreaking issue that’s simply jam-packed with all the info you want—and with a fresh, new look we hope you’ll love.

In this revolutionary issue, we debut a fresh look for EB, from the inside out.


Madison Paige / L.A. Models

Jurgen Reisch

Hair + Makeup:
Kelly Hunt/Cloutier Remix

Fitting Optician:
Julia Gogosha of Gogosha Optique

model Eero

—Mark + Erinn

Mark Durrick,
Executive VP + Publisher
Erinn Morgan,
Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director