Eye Style

9 shareable makeup tips for making the eyes POP under specs, from the @GlamOptometrist herself


Exclusive EB tear-out style guide!

Tear this out and copy to give to patients as a perk + primer.

When a patient is in your optical for a new pair of glasses, they look to you to guide them as to what is the perfect fit. Why not take it a step further and help them complete their new frame style with eye makeup tips?

Many people feel like they are unable to pull off their favorite eye looks while wearing glasses, and instead turn to contacts or ignore doing their eye makeup altogether. Providing your patients a few tips and tricks on how to create noticeable eye looks with their glasses will leave them with a useful and memorable optical experience.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to enhance those specs-wearing eyes with makeup.


Prepping the skin is so important when getting ready to wear makeup. There are a few things to do before applying makeup to help enhance the wear and longevity of products applied, especially when eyewear is going to be worn atop the makeup.

1 Exfoliate: Exfoliating the skin helps remove dead skin cells. While wearing glasses, the dirt and oils that build up from the frame touching the skin can clog your pores, so you want to start your makeup routine with the cleanest skin possible.

2 Moisturize: The next step is to use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin. By doing so, the skin around the eyes will look fresh and less dull under optical frames. Depending on the type of prescription, lenses can minimize or magnify the pores. Therefore one should keep the skin feeling and looking as healthy as possible.

3 Prime: Priming the face will smooth out skin complexion for a nice and even look. And don’t forget to prime the eyelids! Doing this will prevent any creasing from happening. Priming also prevents the glasses from falling off the face because it minimizes oil and makeup runoff.

The author trying new makeup looks with her specs


In order to enhance the beauty of the eyes, use lighter shades of eye shadow. Dark shadows can make the eyes look too dark under frames.

4 Base: Start with a base color on the lids. This color should be light and matte. Using a light color all over the lids can create a pop of sheen that will shine through the glasses.

5 Contour: Next, a slightly darker color for the crease should be used. Apply the shadow in the crease using windshield wiper motions, very lightly going from outer corner to inner, back and forth. This will create much-needed depth to enhance the eyes.

6 Highlight: To finish, add a little “zing” to the corner of the eyes by applying either a cream highlighter or very light shadow. This makes the eyes look brighter and further enhances the beauty of those flirty peeps. An extra pro tip is to define the brow bone with a light color to give the eyes a little extra definition as well.


Now that the eyes are properly prepped and contoured, a few finishing touches are going to bring this whole look together.

7 Eyeliner: Applying an eyeliner will tie the eye shadow look all together and make the eyes truly pop. Try not to choose a color that blends in with the frame color. The goal is to have your eyes stand out, not hide behind the frame. For example, try not to use brown eyeliner with a brown frame; instead try dark green. Also, using a cotton swab or brush to smudge the liner will soften the look.

8 Mascara: Choose volumizing mascara. A lengthening mascara will result in lashes hitting the lenses, which can be annoying and leave marks on the specs. The volumizing mascara will give your lashes a fuller/thicker look that is very flattering. Emphasize the outer lashes with the mascara wand for a more flirty look.

9 False Lashes: When done right, false lashes open the appearance of tired eyes. I recommend going with lashes that have volume rather than length and applying few individual lashes in the outer corners of the eyes. Strip lashes tend to hit the center of the lens.