What’s Your #DoMore?

Costa CEO Holly Rush shares what she gets back from giving back

Holly Rush, CEO of Costa and OWA member

This new column is a special collaboration between the Optical Women’s Association (OWA) and Eyecare Business. Its focus? Sharing the ways women in this industry #DoMore and give back—in their community, in the industry, or in their own company—in the hopes of inspiring more #DoMore efforts across the country and around the globe. Learn more at .

This month, EB sits down with Holly Rush, CEO of Costa and a very involved member of the OWA.

Why is it important to #DoMore + give back?

Finding our purpose gives meaning and fulfillment to our work that is beyond imaginable. It makes the long hours, the time away from family, and the sacrifices we make for our careers worthwhile. And building a strong network of women to support you on your journey? Well, there’s nothing more important than that.

What advice can you give those who don’t know where to start?

Start where your passion lies. Start a conversation with others who can give you feedback or might have similar interests. If you want to learn more about an organization that you feel is doing great work, attend a meeting. Your best support network are other people just like you who have gone before and can share their experiences.

Advice for busy women + men for fitting in their #DoMore?

#DoMore isn’t about adding one more item to your already stacked “to-do” list. It’s about finding your passion and your purpose and being more intentional about creating impact with what you already do. It’s as simple as making a commitment to mentoring a new talent to the industry, blocking time in your schedule for work that’s truly meaningful for you, or sharing your experiences with someone else to inspire them to get involved. #DoMore shifts the focus from what’s going on in our own lives to the impact we can make on others around us.

What is your personal #DoMore + why is it important to you?

Actively mentoring and sponsoring is my No. 1 priority. I want to make a difference in someone’s life, every day—to inspire others to dream, believe, and pursue their life’s work and, most important, to be true to themselves. —SUSAN TARRANT