Get Schooled in 2019

Welcome to EB’s new column series on staff training, packed with tips + intel on this vital endeavor for your business


each year, EB surveys readers to uncover their biggest business challenges, which helps us define the most meaningful content for ECPs. When EB asked readers in 2018 about their biggest business challenges, an overwhelming number pointed to “staff training.”

In our survey, 51% of readers said staff training is the area of business that needs the most attention right now (more than even managed care, social media, or practice management).

Which is exactly why we are debuting this new column for 2019, where we’ll bring you strategies for training (and retaining) employees that will help your business grow.

Why is training so vital to a business?

According to the Association for Talent Development, companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training, and they have a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training. Enough said.

Word of Mouth

ECPs understand the need for training. Here’s a sample of what readers told us when asked about their biggest business challenge—including how they’re trying to bump up training in their businesses.

“Training new employees with no optical experience is a challenge. As we've brought on more help it's a challenge to find the time to get them thoroughly trained.”

“Training, training and more training! How to answer questions, reading benefits and billing properly, getting copays the same day to eliminate buyer’s remorse.”

Good training also aids in employee retention rates. It is more cost-effective to train an existing employee than to lose them and have to hire again. According to the Center for American Progress, it costs an average of 21% of an employee’s annual salary to replace the worker.

ECP Training Resources

We look forward to bringing you a year’s worth of training and retention strategies. To get the discussion started, here are some of the many industry resources available to ECPs at little or no cost. Most of them offer online educational modules that employees can take at their own speed. Check with your vendors to see what other resources may be available for you and your business.

De Rigo REM: Offers a collection of practice management training and other tools for ECPs, including help in training new hires.

ECP University: From Essilor, it offers staff training on core competencies and optical and dispensing basics. ,

Johnson & Johnson Vision: E-learning modules to train staff in a plethora of contact lens topics.

Luxottica University: An on-demand digital platform featuring brand, global knowledge, and ABO-certified content.

Primary Eyecare Network: A division of ABB Optical Group, has online education and webinars.

Quantum Optical: CE and online staff training modules.

Transitions Optical: This portal will teach staff how to present Transitions features and benefits.

UUniversity: From VSP Optics, online training for ECPs, from optics and dispensing to CE.

—Susan Tarrant