The Optical Checklist

Dig in for a fresh take on this popular EB column, delivered this year by highly respected optician + optical manager Sheena Taff


for 2019 I want to help you set goals—and accomplish them—with a helpful monthly checklist, broken down into weekly to-do’s to make your seemingly endless list in the optical easier to execute.

Whether you’re the boss of the business or an associate looking to grow your skill set, this list will give you a valuable road map to help your day-to-day run smoothly.

Week 1: Review 2018.

To have a successful year ahead, it’s important to take a look back to identify where the business was most profitable + identify new areas of opportunity.


1. Meet with sales representatives from your top three suppliers to review 2018 sales and identify top sellers and areas of opportunity for 2019.

2. Review your employee handbook and make sure it’s up to date with current policies + procedures. Then, have staff refresh by rereading it.

3. Hold a roundtable with staff to discuss wins from last year plus areas where the business can improve in the new year.

Week 2: Set Goals for 2019.

Inspire success by defining a clear set of goals for your business + ask each staff member to set professional goals for the new year.


1. Set sales goals for the upcoming year—break them down into weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals.

2. Have each staff member write a list of five professional goals for the year.

3. Schedule training and staff development goals + agendas with your suppliers.

Week 3: Clean Up.

Make sure you’ve tied up all your loose ends from last year to give your practice a clean slate.


1. Identify stale inventory and try moving frames around to give the store a fresh look. Move slow movers to your most shoppable board space.

2. Review your website, and make sure it’s current. If needed, update staff bios, products available, and store information.

3. Check accounts receivable, follow up any outstanding third-party billing, and invoice any outstanding invoices.

Week 4: Jump-Start 2019.

Keeping your business visible + sharing what’s happening has never been easier than it is with social media + helpful apps.


1. Download an app like Planoly to make social media planning easy (you can even set up auto-post).

2. Ask suppliers for content for social media posts and plan for the upcoming weeks.

3. Enthusiastic staff are the key to great sales—start a staff sales incentive with a focus on a product category you lagged in last year to encourage staff to step outside their comfort zone. —SHEENA TAFF