Eye Strain Relief

Unity Relieve is a new lens solution from VSP Optics to help single-vision patients combat digital eye strain. The design offers unrestricted distance vision and a slight power boost in the bottom of the lens to help alleviate symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and more, symptoms that are often caused by viewing screens, tablets, and smart phones. Unity Relieve lenses are automatically paired with VSP Optics’ TechShield Blue, an anti-reflective coating that reduces blue light exposure.

There are two Unity Relieve designs, based on the patient’s digital lifestyle and severity of patient symptoms.

  • Unity Relieve 50 is for mild to moderate digital eye strain symptoms.

  • Unity Relieve 70 is for more severe digital eye strain symptoms.

The lenses are available in CR39, polycarbonate, Trivex, 1.60 high index, 1.67 high index, and 1.74 high index.


“With the immersion of technology in our everyday lives, exposure to digital devices is much more universal. Unity Relieve uses advanced technology to help single-vision wearers reduce the impact of those devices on their eyes. Unity Relieve was designed using extensive testing and the latest technology to develop an innovative product unlike anything currently available. The result is a lens designed to meet individual patient needs, with the fit and feel of a single-vision lens.”

Randy Dannewitz, VP of strategic development, VSP Optics

VSP OPTICS / Unity Relieve


NuPolar Adds Color Mirrors

NuPolar polarized Rx lenses from Younger Optics are now available with three on-trend, stylish mirror coatings in silver, blue, and gold, in addition to NuPolar’s established gray and brown offerings.

NuPolar Mirror lenses are designed for patients who want a high-efficiency polarized Rx sunwear lens with a trendy mirror coating, in a single-vision or digital PAL design—all with a quick turnaround time. The mirror coating is applied to the semi-finished lens at the factory rather than at the lab, which leads to faster turnaround.

The new NuPolar Mirror coats are available in hard resin and polycarbonate materials.

INFO: 310-783-1533,

YOUNGER OPTICS / NuPolar Mirrors


OrCam Adds Voice Recognition

OrCam Technologies has introduced voice commands to its OrCam MyEye2 and OrCam MyReader2 artificial vision devices in a software upgrade, so that users will be able to simply ask their device to access menu options and perform certain functions.

Other new features include barcode learning and Bluetooth connectivity that pairs the OrCam device with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

OrCam devices use artificial vision technology to communicate vital visual information via audio to users. Magnetically mounted on the wearer’s eyeglasses or sunglasses frame, OrCam MyEye and MyReader are activated by an intuitive pointing gesture or by following the wearer’s gaze. OrCam devices instantly and discreetly read text off of any surface, while OrCam MyEye can also recognize faces, products, barcodes, and currency notes.

INFO: 800-713-3741,

ORCAM TECHNOLOGIES / OrCam voice recognition


A Lens for Unequal Rx’s

Hoya Vision Care has launched a next-generation lens that address patient focal adaption issues when each eye needs a different prescription.

The iD LifeStyle 3 lens uses Hoya’s patented Integrated Dual Surface Design tech and Binocular Harmonization Technology—which ensures that both eyes receive equal accommodative support, according to the needs of each eye, to achieve optimal binocularity and easy adaptation

It has three easy-to-prescribe wearer profiles to choose from—Indoor places emphasis on near vision focus, Urban wearers enjoy equal focus on all main vision areas, and Outdoor puts its primary focus on distance. Options for varying the corridor are also available.


HOYA VISION CARE / iD Lifestyle 3


New Help for the Color Blind

EnChroma, creator of eyewear that helps with color vision deficiency, has introduced six new lens types to its portfolio. The lenses are engineered to address specific types and severities of red-green color blindness in a broad range of lighting conditions (outdoor and indoor).

The new lens variety addresses a key finding in EnChroma’s field research: that the optimal lens choice for the patient often depends on the type and extent of color vision deficiency as well as the expected use conditions.

Included in the new launch is EnChroma Cx3Sun SP, specially engineered for people with strong protan-type color vision deficiency.

EnChroma lenses enable red-green color-blind people to see a broader range of clear, vibrant color. Special optical filters in the lenses remove small slices of light from the visible spectrum to establish a more accurate ratio of light entering the eye.

INFO: 510-497-0048,

ENCHROMA / EnChroma Cx3Sun SP

There’s an App for That!

CooperVision’s OptiExpert app provides contact lens-related information and patient communication right at ECPs’ fingertips. The U.S. and Canadian versions, free at the Apple App Store and Google Play, contain three main features: a multifocal calculator for easier fitting, a toric calculator for toric lens recommendations, and oxygen profiles of CooperVision lenses vs. other products.