Eye Exams. They’re Not All Alike.

I had the fortunate experience recently to have my annual eye exam. It was a big one for me because it was my first exam to start my “progressive” journey, so it was very important to me to go to a superb O.D. to help me out. I should tell you I’ll be 62 in August and have been avoiding the progressive experience for years.

Last year, I had the most amazing opportunity to travel to Israel to visit our good friends at Shamir, who gave me a preview look at their new Autograph Intelligence progressive lens—and the research that led to this great product. After that trip, I was sold that it was time for me to take the plunge.

My choice for my eye exam was Chandler Eyecare (Chandler, AZ), a Vision Source practice. Their website was terrific, so that helped my decision. Case in point, your website is vital to help tell your story.

I happen to do a lot of secret-shopper visits to practices in my travels, which include eye exams. I have been to independents, chains... you name it. So an eye exam experience is not new. Too often, I’m out the door before I knew what hit me.

From the moment I introduced myself for my appointment, the flow of the visit was terrific. I had the most comprehensive exam I’ve ever had in my life. Again, it was important because I was moving from single vision to progressive.

Christopher Carpenter, O.D., and his staff were thorough from start to finish. They all asked lifestyle questions so they could learn as much as possible about how to service me properly, and, man, did I appreciate that effort. I even opted for the Optos exam, which was great. This was the first time I was ever offered such an exam.

After my exam, Dr. Carpenter walked out to the dispensary to hand off my Rx and his findings to the optician. I bought two pairs of frames with Autograph Intelligence loaded up. Doctor-Driven Dispensing is alive and well. Our EB contributor Eric White, O.D., would have been pleased to see this visit!

All in all, the more time you can spend on the most thorough exam you can do will keep consumers coming back again and again. Combine that with great frame and lens inventory, a nicely designed practice, a well-trained staff (you could tell these folks were well-trained), and the sky’s the limit.

It’s all about the patient experience that we hear all the time. I really believe it’s true.

Here’s to great experiences for all your patients and potential consumers who visit your practice. Oh, and P.S.: I am loving my new progressives and adapting to the lens easily. Change is good.

We hope you enjoy the issue!

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Julia Gogosha of Gogosha Optique

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Mark Durrick,
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