EB sits down with Formula One driver Carmen Jorda to dial into her passion for performance vision, her partnership with Carrera, and her professional trajectory both on and off the racetrack

Race car driver
Carmen Jorda, wearing Carrera 1016/S from Safilo

Named a development driver in 2015 for the Lotus and Renault Sport Formula One teams, Carmen Jorda is just the 11th woman in history to be part of a Formula One team’s driver lineup.

Born in Spain in 1988, she is the daughter of former motor racing driver Jose Miguel Jorda—and her career is expanding at a track-burning pace with an appointment to the FIA’s Women in Motorsports Commission and forays into modeling and as an ambassador for related brands, such a Carrera eyewear from Safilo.

Here, Jorda chats with EB on everything from the her passion for F1 and her training schedule to her connection to performance-enhancing eyewear.

EYECARE BUSINESS: What do you love most about racing F1; what drives you to excel in the sport?

CARMEN JORDA: To race in F1 it means you have achieved the top of the sport. I’ve been a development driver for Lotus and Renault for two years, and I’ve learned many things that I hadn’t learned at any championship before.

My No. 1 inspiration driver has always been Michael Schumacher, for many reasons, not just as a driver but as a hard worker, athlete, and also the passion and dedication he puts into every team he was been with.

As an actual driver, I will say Max Verstappen [is my inspiration] because I think he is one of the strongest and more complete drivers of the grid that in the last two years has shown that he has something different than the rest.

EB: How does vision play into your sport as a competitive advantage?
CJ: We are always wearing our helmets, and I think it’s important to have the right visor for every occasion.

EB: What features of Carrera eyewear appeal the most to you?
CJ: I think Carrera is for strong people who have their own character and are ready to drive their lives as they like to, not because anyone else is telling them how to.

EB: Favorite Carreras right now?
CJ: My favorite sunglasses are Carrera Facer and 1021/S and also Carrera 174 as an optical style (see them at ). I love the strong character that Carrera has, especially the last collection because my style is very sporty but chic and matches very well with Carrera.

EB: Please give us a brief snapshot of what your training schedule looks like to keep up with the physical demands of F1 racing.
CJ: I train every day very hard for whatever my life takes me to next, but when you need to prepare yourself for single-seater racing, it has to be very specific training as there are some muscles like your neck that you need to prepare well, as they will suffer a lot because of the g-force that you have on the car. Also, your core and reflexes are two of the important parts I would say are vital to train.

EB: What advice would you offer to other women who aim to excel in their own sport—or career?
CJ: To never give up. I think it’s something very powerful and important to keep on your mind, because no matter how difficult the road may look, there will always be a way to get where you want to be with hard work, passion, and dedication.