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AR Availability:

Shamir announces the inclusion of the VSPOne Technology Centers in its network of labs that process Shamir Glacier PLUS UV, now available to order on all Shamir lens designs from VSPOne labs.

Social Media Resource:

BluTech Lenses is offering a portfolio of images and text that ECPs can use on their social channels to enhance awareness about blue light, DES, and BluTech lenses. (Resources for Professionals tab)

Line Extension:

SuperOptical is expanding its BlueShield lens line to include the popular ADDvantage HD Plus progressive designs, available pre-blocked for users of SuperOptical’s FastGrind all-in-one surfacing system and in semi-finished form for traditional lens surfacing labs.


Velocity Coater

Coburn Technologies introduces its next generation in automated lens coating technology, the Velocity 2D. Suitable for larger retail locations and a pioneer in “dual-coating” technology, the Velocity 2D now offers labs the ability to coat lenses with two different coating solutions in one machine. When paired with Coburn’s Duality lens detaper and cleaner, labs get smart, scalable automation for lens processing, as the lenses are detaped, cleaned, and coated in one process.


New 1-Day

The new daily disposable lens from SynergEyes, SimplifEyes 1Day, is enhanced by Dual Tangible Polymers from Tangible Science and is designed to provide enhanced wettable surfaces with less debris buildup, more comfort, and UV protection. Available in powers of +0.50D to +4.00D, and -0/50D to -6.00D in 0.25D steps.


VES Falcon Telescope

The VES Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope provides low vision patients with autofocused, hands-free magnified vision, allowing them to engage in normal activities such as seeing friends and family, seeing at work or school, or using the computer. The high-contrast, wide-field 4x Keplerian optics provide a 12.5-degree field of view and a focusing range as close as 13 inches.


Screw Starter

Frustrated by the challenge of aligning tiny nose pad and hinge screws with your fingers? Enter the Screw Starter from Western Optical. The tool is tall and slender, making it easy to insert the screw and start threading it into position without it dislodging and getting lost on the floor.


Glare Testers

Vmax offers a new glare tester as an optional accessory for its VASR wavefront autorefractor and Perfectus refraction instrument. Swapping in the glare tester eyepiece changes the instrument into a one-stop subjective refractor, wavefront autorefractor, and Brightness Acuity Tester. Vmax also offers the glare tester as a slim, handheld unit for ECPs who want to use it in conjunction with a phoropter.


Shape Finder EVO Reflector

MEI, manufacturer of advanced lens edging equipment for both the industrial and retail environments, has launched its new Shape Finder EVO Reflector, designed to increase the quality control of cut lenses. An evolution of MEI’s Shape Finder EVO, this tool is equipped with a custom illumination system to help check the dimensions of cut lenses and the position of visible laser and painted logos.


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