Serengeti Expands Rx Program

Serengeti has expanded its prescription program with new Vario Drive Thin Design technology, designed to ensure that its Rx sun lenses perform at precisely the same level as their nonprescription counterparts.

During the Vario Drive Thin Rx process, every prescription is reassessed to compensate for optical distortions related to the specific curvature of the frame. When the prescription reaches the limits of the conventional digital surfacing method, Serengeti’s patented algorithm calculates the best lens geometry for the optical area and the transition zone while also reducing the edge thickness.

With this technology, Serengeti can provide consistent optical performance in prescription lenses for 99% of its wearers.

INFO: 800-222-6553,

SERENGETI / Vario Drive Thin Design

Transitions XTRActive Flat-Top

Younger Optics launched an innovative polycarbonate composite segmented multifocal lens technology last year that made it possible for patients to get Transitions Signature lenses in an FT-28 bifocal design. Now, the lens maker has expanded that technology to include Transitions XTRActive lenses in gray. According to Younger, approximately 1 in 5 pairs of lenses sold today are segmented multifocals, and a majority of those are bifocals.

The poly composite lens incorporates a thin photochromic front-surface bifocal layer made of Trivex. The lens is surfaced, edged, and dispensed just like a clear poly lens.


YOUNGER OPTICS / Transitions XTRActive FT-28

New Brown FastGrind Lens

SuperOptical, maker of the FastGrind all-in-one in-house surfacing system, has added Conversion Brown to its lens offerings, joining Conversion Gray in the SuperOptical photochromic portfolio. Conversion Brown is currently available in single vision and the full line of ADDvantage HD Plus digital progressives, and will soon be introduced in the FT-28 line of lenses.

INFO: 800-543-7376,

SUPER OPTICAL / Conversion Brown

Fit for a Night Drive

Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT), an independent free-form lens design company, has introduced inMotion, a daily driving lens that also minimizes night myopia. Night myopia—the loss of the ability to focus on distance objects at night—is a phenomenon that affects 1 in 3 people (both ammetropes and emmetropes alike), according to the company.

inMotion provides wearers with extended areas of peripheral, intermediate, and distance vision, thereby making it easier to focus on the dashboard and road ahead. inMotion lenses are fully personalized, utilizing IOT´s proprietary Digital Ray-Path surfacing technology.

INFO: 877-414-7809,

IOT / inMotion

Refreshing Dry Eye Drops

Allergan has expanded its Refresh portfolio of OTC artificial tears with the launch of Refresh Repair, tears designed to repair and protect the eyes from the harmful effects of dry eye and improve clarity of vision.

Refresh Repair includes restorative osmoprotectants, which displace salt in the tear film to safeguard epithelial cells against hyperosmotic stress, thus helping maintain the health of the ocular surface.


ALLERGAN / Refresh Repair

New CL Coating Tech

Bausch + Lomb has entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with Tangible Science, LLC, that will allow B+L to coat many of its custom contact lenses with Tangible Hydra-PEG, a high-water polymer coating that is bonded to the surface of a contact lens and improves wettability, increases surface water retention and lubricity, and minimizes deposits on various lens materials.

The coating is expected to be available on B+L’s Boston GP materials along with the Zenlens and Zen RC scleral lenses by the end of 2018.