Get Schooled

Julia Gogosha, the successful + stylish powerhouse optician of L.A.’s Gogosha Optique, shares a must-know lineup of 7 basic dispensing skills for the brand-new optician + dispenser

Can you collaborate?

“Successful dispensing is the result of an effective collaboration between the optician and wearer,” says Julia Gogosha of Gogosha Optique, a premium eyewear boutique with two Los Angeles locations. Here, Gogosha shares seven tried-and-true tips for success—a perfect guide to share with your optical newbies or use as a refresher course. —Kerri Ann Raimo

1 Kick it off with questions.

Gogosha shares topics to brainstorm with clientele, including:

  • Why did they choose to visit the shop today?
  • Do they like the glasses they’re currently wearing?
  • What can be improved upon?
  • How would they like to wear their frames?
  • Do they feel their visual needs are being met?
    “Their answers will lead the way,” she says.

2 Curate a comprehensive selection.

“Show a variety of options and categorize them into materials or moods,” says Gogosha. “Speak to your client’s various wardrobe, mood, and vision needs and wants.” In order to present this successfully, your dispensary should offer a distinct range of unique designs/designers.

3 Listen in.

“What people say and what they mean often lives between the words. Clarity is key, so listen to the cues,” Gogosha emphasizes. “My belief is if a client voices a concern, objection, or observation, they want an acknowledgment, response, or conversation on the subject—otherwise they wouldn’t have mentioned it.”

4 Share your knowledge...the right way.

How do you ensure clients leave knowing a bit more than when they came in? “Include them in your decision-making—why you’re choosing certain lens styles or frame shapes,” says Gogosha. “No need to show off what you know. Instead, share nuggets that are relevant and interesting to them.”

5 Precision is paramount.

Fitting frames requires a critical eye. “Composition is mathematical,” says Gogosha. “Are the proportions of the features in harmony with the geometry of the frame? Optics isn’t horseshoes. Almost isn’t good enough.”

6 Be a problem solver.

“Nip any problems in the bud immediately,” says Gogosha. If an issue arises during the process, offer solutions on the spot so as to avoid one less problem to fix in the future.

7 It’s all about enhancement.

“If the selection doesn’t enhance the wearer’s looks or vision, stop and take a new direction,” says Gogosha. “We’re here for their betterment. Anything less is doing your client a disservice.”