The EB Social Media Hot List

This month is all about optimizing your Story and keeping it fun, educational, and business-building

it’s November! Happening in November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness month with the 14th being World Diabetes Day. Read: more opportunities to educate. And, of course, who can forget Black Friday on the 23rd? Listen: more opportunities for selling.

This month I will help you with creating a few three-page Stories to post on Instagram and Facebook. They are fun, engaging, and right now—the way to get more traffic to your social media pages. P.S. I love this kind of traffic.

Fun November Dates

Nov. 1: Men Make Dinner Day

Nov. 4: Common Sense Day

Nov. 13: World Kindness Day

Nov. 17: Take a Hike Day

Nov. 22: Thanksgiving

Nov. 23: Black Friday

Nov. 28: French Toast Day

Nov. 4: #CommonSenseDay

Although challenging, I love taking a fun social media date and making it relatable to eye care. On Nov. 4, it’s only common sense to post this on your Story. And for you, it comes free in the download link.

#CommonSenseDay: Not sure how to use Instagram Story? Check out the last two issues of EB.

Nov. 13: #WorldKindnessDay

Sometimes I create content and it works better than ever expected. A few years ago, I wrote “Be Kind, Work Hard, Wear Killer Glasses.” Since then, it’s been reposted hundreds of times. Here, I reworked the imaging into a three-part Story. Remember to add your practice location to each page of the Story.

#WorldKindnessDay: Take a fun quote and divide it into three parts to make a Story. It’s a win-win-win.

Nov. 23: #BlackFriday

When it comes to building a brand, I’m not a fan of storytelling based on discounting. Inspiring content works better. Every. Time. Using Story to advertise your Black Friday sale is ideal. Story lasts 24 hours and will not dilute your messaging by sitting permanently on your account. Get my graphics for 100% off.

—Tanya N. Gill, O.D.


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