The 7 mantras of Erika McChesney

Erika McChesney

Erika McChesney, otherwise known as the @BeautOptician, wants you to go for it.

“If you’re thinking about starting a blog—do it,” McChesney says. “It will continue to grow and evolve and you will meet some really cool people from all over the world along the way that will continue to inspire your creativity to create and keep sharing.”

McChesney, an optician at StylEyes in Des Moines, IA, recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of —the blog she started from scratch that now houses a cute + curated mix of fashion, beauty, and eyewear tips.

Here, she shares seven keys to success. Kerri Ann Raimo

  1. DON’T TAKE A BAD DAY HOME WITH YOU or let it affect the next person you help. Learn to let it go and move on.
  2. YOU DO YOU. If you feel good in it, and you look good, then it is good. Life is too short to care so much what other people think.
  3. TRUST THE JOURNEY. It’s OK to not know exactly who you are or what your “brand” is on day one.
  4. LOVE YOURSELF MORE. We are our worst critics.
  5. Your eyewear should be an EXTENSION OF YOUR PERSONALITY. Help your patients you work with bring out theirs!
  6. WRITE IT DOWN. It will keep you accountable for your goals and your plans that you make for yourself or for your business.
  7. Practice consistency. This really is the KEY TO SUCCESS in your own life, job, and overall well-being.

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