The Optical Checklist

It’s time to get your optical into the holiday spirit

as autumn ends, November ushers in a very special time of the year. The beginning of the holiday season is a great time for getting your optical into the spirit, with decorations and treats at the ready. It’s also a great time to start promoting the concept of eyewear and accessories as gifts.

This month, our checklist focuses on how your staff can make sure your office is promoting the holiday spirit in ways your patients—and revenue—can embrace. Here, we have listed some ideas to consider when preparing for the holidays.

About the Authors: Our optical checklist is pulled together by the highly respected ECP team at Complete Family Vision Care Optometry in San Diego—including owner and optometrist Eric M. White, O.D., and staff Ashley Samuels, Gloria Lopez, and Lorie White.

They’ve worked hard to create this optical checklist so you don’t have to. Dig in, tear out, and share it with your team.

From left to right: Ashley Samuels, Gloria Lopez, and Lorie White, all of Complete Family Vision Care Optometry.



TIP: Use candles or fragrance machines, such as ScentAir, to make the office feel and smell more festive.

TIP: Play holiday music to put patients and staff in the holiday spirit.

TIP: Decorate the office with holiday-inspired plants and flowers. Think beyond poinsettias.


TIP: Encourage your staff to wear holiday attire to promote the season. But give them guidelines to prevent things from getting too silly.

TIP: Rearrange the eyewear displays to incorporate holiday d├ęcor.

TIP: Designate an area to be a “gift idea” center, and display your top-selling sunglasses. Use signage that advertises them as great holiday gifts.


TIP: Run gift-centered promotions. An example: Buy glasses or sunwear as a gift and receive 40% off a pair of eyewear for yourself!

TIP: Get into the gift-giving yourself by providing a gift pack to patients when they purchase eyewear, such as a holiday-themed cleaning solution and cloth (customized solution bottles or cloths will further promote your practice).

TIP: Advertise gift certificates for holiday gift-giving.


TIP: Promoting charitable giving is always a positive idea for the holiday season. Run a toy drive (or simply host a collection box for Toys for Tots) to help others share the holiday spirit.

TIP: Display all the holiday cards that your office receives from patients.

TIP: Promote recycling programs/donations for used or unwanted eyewear, and advise patients they can receive a tax deduction for their donations.