BlueBusting Lens

eyeOs, Inc., producer of eyeOs Premium Readers, has launched BlueBuster blue-light-filtering lenses—lenses designed to improve visual acuity and comfort when wearers are working in front of a computer screen or other digital devices by reducing the amount of short-wavelength blue light reaching the retina.

BlueBuster lenses are the new standard at no additional charge in eyeOs’ OfficePal and PcPal progressive readers, since these lens designs are typically used to work on a computer or digital device. BlueBuster is also available as an option in all eyeOs readers with powers ranging from plano to +4.00 diopters in 0.25 diopter increments for an additional MSRP $15.

“The eyeOs BlueBuster lens is a breakthrough product, filtering 100% up to 410nm, 86% at 420nm, and 40% at 430nm. Although our lenses filter as much or more than other available blue-filtering lenses, our message is focused on maximizing our customers’ comfort and clarity while reading and working on their digital devices.”
—Sam Kotob, founder and designer of eyeOs

INFO: 800-625-1880,

eyeOs EYEWEAR / BlueBuster lens


New Multifocal Lens

Alcon has introduced a new multifocal: Air Optix plus HydraGlyde multifocal contact lenses. As with Alcon’s other multifocal portfolio contact lens options, this latest design offers presbyopic patients a unique combination of technologies for seamless vision at all distances, plus enhanced moisture benefits.

Alcon’s multifocal contact lens portfolio equips ECPs with options to meet the diverse and specific needs of presbyopes with a single, easy fitting process. The design of all Alcon multifocal contact lenses follows the same two-step initial fitting process that leads to a 96% rate of fit success with two lenses or less, the company notes.


ALCON / Air Optix plus HydraGyde


A Curvier KAPPA

Essilor Instruments USA is adding a midrange system to its portfolio of lens finishing equipment—the KAPPA Special Edition. It marks the return of the company’s popular KAPPA, known for its speed, precision, and ease of use, but now with an added high-curve edging capability. The new high-curve function expands the field of possibilities, with base curve coverage up to 8, and with adjustable bevel height, width, and location.

According to Samy Lauriette, Essilor Instruments USA senior VP: “With KAPPA Special Edition, eyecare professionals can expect a greater variety of glasses dispensed with in-house edging, high-quality finished jobs, and reduced redos.”

INFO: 855-393-4647,



Vision Test Training

RightEye, LLC, maker of eye-tracking tests that help improve vision performance issues, has introduced EyeQ Trainer. Through a series of at-home, computer-based exercises, EyeQ Trainer activates patients’ eye muscles as well as key elements of their brain circuitry—resulting in better functional vision and smoother and more accurate eye movements that directly impact quality of life.

Exercises, which the patient does once or twice per day for several weeks, take about five minutes. Once patients have completed their prescribed training program, they return to their O.D.’s practice for retesting with the corresponding RightEye EyeQ test.

INFO: 301-979-7970,

RIGHT EYE, LLC / EyeQ trainer


Prop 65 Tags

Arch Crown now offers custom and preprinted California Proposition 65 “WARNING” Op-Tags and static cling vinyl labels for eyewear that contains chemicals that require notification under California Proposition 65 compliance regulations.

If you do business in California and need guidance regarding your responsibility to label and warn, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has created a website to provide businesses with information on Proposition 65 warnings ( ).

INFO: 800-526-8353,

ARCH CROWN / Prop 65 tags

GPN Upgrades

GPN Technologies announces two upgrades to its service. The EDGEPro platform will now be available to FoxFire users, giving them the ability to easily track over 50 key performance indicators and metrics within their practice data.

In addition, the EDGEPro platform will be available to Uprise users during fourth quarter 2018. VisionWeb and GPN Technologies have been collaborating on the software release, which includes an automated integration with Uprise’s practice management and EHR.