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it’s March and there’s a lot of opportunity to create some creative social media content around these dates and hashtags:

March 14: #NationalPotatoChipDay

March 17: #StPatricksDay

March 18: #AwkwardMomentsDay

March 23: #NationalPuppyDay

March 30: #NationalDoctorsDay

If you’re like me and can inhale a bag of Kettle Chips in less than five minutes, March 14 is your day. Post a photo of your favorite bag of empty calories.

On the 17th we have everything green to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day. Posting a photo of your local Irish pub or a pair of green frames will get the job done. Here, a fun caption would be something like: “When the perfect pair of glasses and St. Patrick’s Day collide.”

A sense of humor will go a long way on social media. The next time you see a pair of glasses that look like a train wreck (because they were probably in one), snap a photo. Save this photo for March 18, when you can write a fun caption for #AwkwardMomentsDay.

March 23 is #NationalPuppyDay and is a blatant excuse to post photos of fur babies that no human can resist on social media.

Lastly, if you work in an optical business with a doctor, give them some props and post a photo of your doctor(s) on March 30. If your doctor happens to hate photos, ha-ha—this is a once-a-year opportunity to get that Kodak moment.

Dr. Gill’s QOTD

I rely heavily on quotes to tell my brand story. Keeping it fresh and fun is always the goal when it comes to quotes. Also known as the quote of the day, #QOTDs can help you sell without being overly sales-y. I’ve seen my quotes shared, reused, and recycled hundreds of times on social media—proof that quotes are popular + powerful. Customers and patients just love a well-written, clever quote. #lol

Posting tip for March: Brighten your photos.

Easily take your photos to the next level by using the brightness feature on your social media or photo editing app. Here I have a “before” and “after” for comparison. The “after” photo is more successful because it increases visual interest by making the product the star. I increased the brightness by three points to get these results. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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—Tanya Gill, O.D.