NEW FOR 2018!
The Optical Checklist

Tear it out, copy it, share it. Our NEW monthly checklist for optical managers + opticians reveals a simple, smart lineup of things that need to be done each month in the optical to keep it running smoothly.

from inventory and rep meetings to patient care and promotions, there’s a whole lot to do in the optical each month. Which is exactly why we break it down into palatable, weekly bites in our new Optical Checklist column.

The goal: To provide managers, opticians, and staff with a go-to monthly resource for getting it all done.

Our checklist is pulled together this month by the highly respected ECP team at Complete Family Vision Care in San Diego—including owner and optometrist Eric M. White, O.D., and staff Ashley Samuels, Julia Buchanan, Gloria Lopez, and Lorie White. They have worked hard to create this optical checklist so you don’t have to.

Dig in, tear out, and share it up with your team.

MARCH 2018


Clean all mirrors in the optical and bathrooms daily.

Disinfect surfaces to avoid spreading contamination—it’s still cold and flu season!

Make sure your office’s coffee and drink station is always stocked, clean, and accessible. A well-hydrated (and well-caffeinated) staff is a happy one.

Schedule two or three frame rep meetings for Week Three to review new collections and best-selling products.


Minimize the number of empty slots on the frame boards. In this case, less is definitely not more.

Make sure all frame board lighting is functioning, clean, and appropriate for your displays.

Hand-clean every pair of glasses, at least every two weeks, or as needed. Clean eyewear on displays is much more appealing to your patients!


Do a visual inventory check to make sure that your frames on display are diverse and meet the needs of your patient demographic.

Make sure your office has a pamphlet available regarding HIPPA compliance.

Meet with frame reps and review new collections and best-selling products to stay on top of key style trends.

Make sure your office is keeping all patient records covered and out of view to protect confidentiality.


Review with staff the importance of not discussing patients with other patients.

Opticians should be careful not to talk about patients in a place where other patients can hear the conversation.

If time is available, opticians should reserve a spot in their schedule for online training to stay on top of new products and eyecare trends (for example, through Eyefinity).