The EB Social Media Hot List

It’s summer. Full-blown summer. July is a happening month on social media, so let’s get cracking.

Too busy before the long weekend?
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this year, Independence Day happens on a Wednesday, which could mean a five-day weekend with lots of sun, sand, swimming, and campfire smoke. And you know what that means—lots of potential eye problems.

For July 4, make sure to hashtag #4thofJuly with our free five-tip Protect Your Eyes campaign. Just add your own education caption with your gallery-style campaign. Creating this style of post is easy. Just see below for my cheat sheet. And yes, you got this. ‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework.

Dates to hashtag in July

July 4: Independence Day
July 5: National Bikini Day
July 8: Video Games Day
July 13: National French Fry Day
July 19: National Hot Dog Day
July 21: No Makeup Day
July 29: National Lipstick Day:

July 4: Create a Gallery-Style Campaign

For Facebook, select all five tips in the order of how you want them to appear and add your caption + hashtag.

For Instagram, select the multiple-photo option (far right post option as highlighted here) and select all five tips in the order of how you want them to appear. Just add your caption + hashtag.

July 8: Video Games Day

Last year, my brother took three days off work just so he could finish the new “Legends of Zelda” video game. Seriously?

Yes, seriously. As ECPs, we all know about dry eyes from decreased blink rate, blue light protection, and computer eye strain. July 8 is the perfect day to educate all those gamers. Score some points by downloading my campaign for free. After all, social media is gameplay. (Note: There’s also a Video Games Day in September!)

Educate a new customer base: hashtag #VideoGamesDay on July 8.

July 29: National Lipstick Day

The most challenging thing about social media is creating relevant content. How do you take a day like National Lipstick Day and make it relatable to an ECP business?

That’s where thinking outside the box comes in. In this example, lipstick involves lips, which involves kissing—which is how I arrived at this fun, playful quote.

I added the “rad glasses” to make it relevant to my optometry practice. A fun caption would be: “When your glasses make you feel great in any shade of lipstick.” P.S. Just kiss me.

—Tanya N. Gill, O.D.

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