The 7 mantras of David Redman, O.D.

David Redman, O.D.

David Redman, O.D., is committed to the profession of optometry.

“Since we are a legislated profession, ECPs can get involved in the political process outside of their practice by simply attending a political fundraiser, participating in a health or vision fair for a legislator, or just by contributing to their local, state, or national optometric PAC,” says Dr. Redman, a partner in Precision Eyecare Centers in San Jose and Mountain View, CA.

His dedication to eye health hasn’t gone unnoticed—he was just awarded the American Optometric Association’s Optometrist of the Year at Optometry’s Meeting 2018 in Denver.

Here, Dr. Redman shares his mantras for finding success.

—Kerri Ann Raimo

  1. It’s important to be part of the solution and not get in the way of PROGRESS.
  2. Take time to ENJOY the things you like in life.
  3. Get involved in the political process and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your profession.
  4. Always KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN MIND + think about what the future will look like.
  5. Treat your patients as you would your FAMILY + listen to what they have to say.
  6. PRACTICE to the fullest scope of your licensure.
  7. Always be KIND + COURTEOUS and people will be much more receptive.

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