The Optical Checklist

Summer is here, and one of the biggest sellers during this time is SUNGLASSES! Dig into our checklist for dialing in your sun sales.

our monthly checklist aims to provide managers, opticians, and staff with a go-to monthly resource for getting it all done.

On tap this month? We turn the focus to setting up a successful sunwear selection and selling strategy.

Because we are located in Southern California, we rarely are without sun. However, making sure patients have the right lenses to protect their eyes is of the utmost importance no matter where they travel. UV protection, polarization, and even Transitions lenses can provide the much-needed protection they need to save their eyes from the sun’s rays.

From left: Gloria Lopez, Julia Buchanan, Ashley Samuels, and Lorie White, all of Complete Family Vision Care Optometry.

About the Authors: Our optical checklist is pulled together by the highly respected ECP team at Complete Family Vision Care Optometry in San Diego—including owner and optometrist Eric M. White, O.D., and staff Ashley Samuels, Julia Buchanan, Gloria Lopez, and Lorie White.

They’ve worked hard to create this optical checklist so you don’t have to. Dig in, tear out, and share it up with your team.

JULY 2018


Contact vendors for the latest sunglass styles to fill your optical frame boards.

Contact your lens manufacturers regarding the latest technologies in sun protection.

Find and put up educational material regarding the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun.


Take notice when patients pick eyewear that does not provide the necessary UV protection, and suggest lens options that will complement their lifestyles.

Make sure to inform patients of the importance of wearing swim goggles with UV protection when in the water, as the chlorine and reflection off the water can be detrimental to their eyes.

Consider mentioning that another advantage of wearing sunglasses is to lessen the chances of wrinkles from constantly squinting—no need for further explanation there!


Don’t forget about your kids! UV protection is essential during these years, as kids tend to be outside more than adults and are more exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Consider bringing in a high-quality children’s sunwear assortment.

Talk to staff about recommending Transitions lenses that change automatically from clear to dark—and note that this product provides an excellent way to protect eyes while saving money.


Educate! Be sure your staff reminds patients to wear sunglasses even when it’s overcast outside—that is when UV light can be at its most powerful.

Educate staff and patients about polarization—another excellent option to increase visual comfort by enabling eyes to not be constantly challenged by glare.