Patient Management at Your Fingertips

San Francisco-based tech firm Purple Go has launched Purple Go for Optical Retailers, a software platform that integrates and automates just about every aspect of practice management and customer engagement.

It starts by driving appointments through automated reminders that link to online booking forms. O.D.s and their staff can then use the system to easily manage patient health and exam information as well as doctor schedules.

From there, patient data is synced to an iPad app that staff uses with patients to expand the in-store experience. Opticians can view patient shopping history and access a frame inventory database with high-resolution images. Lens options and insurance pricing are calculated automatically, making costs and savings easier for customers to understand. And, product information can be emailed instantly from within the app, along with a “purchase later” link so indecisive customers can finish payment later online.

Purple Go for Optical Retailers is suitable for opticals of all sizes and number of locations, and offers a free 60-day trial period. Purple Go has now partnered with Revolution EHR to integrate its cloud-based EHR.


PURPLE GO / Purple Go for Optical Retailers


High-Speed Lensometer

OptiSource International’s new Axis900 lensometer uses an improved optical system that predicts lens type and automatically switches measuring mode (single vision or multifocal) for precise measurement. The lensometer is compatible with high-curve lenses and includes accessories for contact lens measurement.

Features include a 4.3-inch touch-screen panel and a sleep mode that puts the unit into a power-saving mode if it has not been used for a preset length of time. Also available is the Axis900P, which includes a printer.

INFO: 800-678-4768,

OPTISOURCE / Axis900 auto lensometer


Near/Far Video Magnifier

Eschenbach Optik’s newest portable video magnifier features not only speech output, but it can also be used to magnify near objects on its touch screen or an external monitor as well as distant objects (by connecting a camera), making it a versatile tool for low vision patients.

The Visolux Digital XL FHD magnifier features a 12-inch touch screen and a magnification range from 2x-22x. Its Dynamic Line Scrolling feature allows the user to scroll both horizontally and vertically when on the higher magnification levels without having to move the device.

INFO: 800-487-5389,

ESCHENBACH / Visolux Digital XL FHD magnifier


Patient Info, Automatically

Vision Wholesale Club is introducing an app that encourages patients to provide all exam-related forms and questionnaires through their mobile devices before their visit.

The app, Vision e-Forms, provides the office a dashboard through which it can send the patient a text to their smart phone. Right from their phone, the patient clicks the link and fills out the pertinent data. Patients who arrive for their exam and have not filled out their forms can be handed an iPad to use the app in-office.

The app can collect health and insurance data as well as typical lifestyle information and optical product preferences. A free trial period is offered.




Telescopic Low Vision Aid

Ocutech has released its first near-only telescopic low vision aid, called the SightScope NearView, designed specifically for patients who seek just a near magnification option for music, the computer, crafts, and other near-centered activities. It is best for patients with 20/100 or better corrected visual acuity.

The SightScope NearView is available for 40-, 26-, 20-, and 13-inch working distances and provides magnification of 1.8x to 2.6x, depending on the working distance. A testing kit for ECPs is available to help with prescribing.

INFO: 800-326-6460,

OCUTECH / SightScope NearView


Stereo Tests for Kids

Essilor Instruments has launched three new tests through its Stereo Optical division. The Original Stereo Fly, Butterfly, and Randot tests all use LEA symbols to screen the vision of young children.

The Stereo tests help to detect visual problems such as stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression, and strabismus. The tests’ use of LEA symbols instead of letters to test visual acuity makes them perfect for pediatric patients.

INFO: 800-344-9500,

STEREO OPTICAL / Stereo tests


Color-Enhancing Sun Lenses

Signet Armorlite has added to its Kodak Sun Lens portfolio with the launch of KolorUp Lenses—a range of sun filters that enhance color vision outdoors. Using proprietary in-mass tinting tech, KolorUp lenses brighten color recognitions while reducing glare and blocking UV.

Kodak KolorUp lenses are polycarbonate, and available in three tint options: gray, gray-green, and brown. Lens design availability includes full-backside Kodak progressive designs and digitally-produced SV lenses.


SIGNET ARMORLITE / Kodak KolorUp Sun Lenses