The EB Social Media Hot List

This month is all about selling on social media—without actually selling

and blink. It’s the end of the year. December is the month to shop till you drop, and we want to make that as easy as possible for our patients and customers. We also want to do this with my favorite philosophy of selling on social media: Sell without selling.

Instead of concentrating on expected holiday dates, I’m going to utilize fun social media dates in December to inspire call to action. Because, #showmethemoney.

Fun December Dates

Dec. 3: Make a Gift Day

Dec. 7: Letter Writing Day

Dec. 16: Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Dec. 21: Ugly Sweater Day

Dec. 26: Thank-You Note Day

Dec. 7: #LetterWritingDay

I’m a big fan of the written word on social media. Dec. 7 is the perfect excuse to not only write a fun letter, but to create a call to action. Here I’ve created a campaign that can be used as a four-page story, single sequential posts, or a four-part multiple post. Your choice.

#LetterWritingDay: We can celebrate this social media date and create a call to action without sounding obviously salesy.

Dec. 21: #UglySweaterDay

This date is stating the obvious. It’s time to have your office staff wear those ugly holiday sweaters and brag about it. Plan a couple of weeks ahead and take the group photo well in advance so you can add it to the four-part story I have designed below. Just add knitted uglies, as well as your contact info on the last page of the story.

#UglySweaterDay: This story is successful because it adds an element of surprise that is also the call to action—the eye exam.

It’s a Busy Time—I’m Here for You.

The holidays are overwhelming. So, if you need something quick and dirty to post on social media, download these. I’ve created some images celebrating the spirit of eye care and, of course, my favorite: FSA spending.

Find red- and green-themed images in the download link.

Your Social Media Resolution for 2019:

Create Content Systematically. Having content when you need it is a constant struggle. Make this a habit. Every time new frames arrive, take a photo of each one. You can always edit the photo later. Even more convenient—go to the art store and pick up a blank, white stretched canvas. Now you have a surface for photos anytime. Because, #resolutions.

See you next year!

Tanya N. Gill, O.D.


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