The 7 mantras of The Flying Optometrist

Phil Anderton, O.D., along with daughter Joanne Anderton.

Flying through Australia on his self-built airplane to provide eye care to rural communities, Phil Anderton, O.D., is the inspiration for “The Flying Optometrist,” a children’s book published by the National Library of Australia in association with the Brien Holden Vision Institute and written by Joanne Anderton about her father’s unique mission.

“What inspires me most about [my] dad is his humility,” says Anderton. “It’s inspiring to see how this generosity of spirit has enabled one story, and one person, to grow to raise awareness about so much more.” Here, Dr. Anderton shares his mantras for work and play. Kerri Ann Raimo

  1. Use your skills to be a PROBLEM SOLVER for clients.
  2. Treat every client as you would TREAT YOUR OWN FAMILY.
  3. Always KEEP AN OPEN MIND. The real problem may not be obvious.
  4. Always LOOK FOR THE TRUTH and the evidence supporting it.
  5. Don’t live to work, WORK TO LIVE.
  6. Most chronic eye disease is TREATABLE IF DETECTED EARLY. Have your eyes examined at least every 2 years.
  7. The best medicine is DIET + EXERCISE. Treat yourself every day.

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