Rip it out and keep it—here’s the lowdown on 17 key performance sports sunwear brands’ proprietary Rx programs

In EB’s 2018 Frames and Sunwear Virtual Focus Group Study, 37% of ECPs reported that Rx sunwear is their fastest-growing specialty category (a 10-point leap from 2017). That growth can be attributed to digital free-form surfacing and other lens solutions that are allowing Rx-ability in far wider power ranges than ever before (including PAL designs) without compromising visual clarity—even in challenging high-wrap styles.

And, that holds true for Rx-able sports performance eyewear, too, making it possible for Rx wearers to enjoy the performance lens features as well. Here, we serve up the 411 on the specific proprietary Rx programs available from 17 sunwear brands.

adidas Sport Eyewear from Silhouette

Lenses are digitally produced by Digital Eye Lab via its EZConnect online portal. Rx solutions include changeable clip-ins, lens adapters, and direct glazing in Vario photochromic, polarized, polarized mirror, and clear lenses. Its Light Stabilizing Technology lenses are also available. , 800-223-0180, 866-866-8673

adidas Sport Eyewear style tempest ad34 from Silhouette in color 6600 gray/chrome mirror


Rx lens materials include poly and NXT. Rx range is -8.00/+6.00 (varies with models and lens material). For athletes looking for an optical edge, Bollé offers Rx Shield Technology, eliminating the need for Rx adapters with shield sunglasses. , 800-548-0446


Rx lenses featuring the color-enhancing, “beyond polarized” Costa 580 lens tech are available in glass, poly, or Trivex. Rx technology includes Waypoint SV, Single Vision, Waypoint C-SCAPE PAL, Waypoint C-SCAPE Bifocal (backside round segment), and Varilux Stylistic PAL. The Rx range varies with lens material. ,

costa style Mag Bay in shiny black with copper silver mirror lenses


Julbo’s Rx Trem lenses offer a wide field of distortion-free vision; available in NXT and polycarbonate. The entire depth of the lens is colored, polarized, and treated photochromically for optimum durability and resistance. , 802-651-0833

Liberty Sport

A 100% Rec Specs Certified Rx includes custom lens surfacing, coating, edging, and glazing to maximize lens retention. Custom fabrication can be done with Switch Magnetic Interchange Lenses, wraps, and extreme over-ranges (with HP Rx powers up to -20.00). , 800-444-5010

Maui Jim

The Rx program features its patented PolarizedPlus2 color-infused lens technology that eliminates 99.9% of glare and 100% of UV, and boosts color. Rx lenses are digitally compensated with MauiBrilliant and MauiEvolution lens parameters spanning from +3.00 to -6.50 (+3.00 to -5.50 in poly). , 888-666-5905

Nike Vision

Through the Nike Rx program, over 90% of Nike sunglasses are Rx-able. All Rx orders are managed through VSP ONE lab in San Diego. ECPs can take advantage of the Nike Rx program via a free Eyefinity account. , , 866-569-8800


The Oakley Authentic Prescription Lens Program includes its Prizm lens and technology features. Oakley True Digital II technology expands the Rx range up to +4.00 to -6.00. And, designed for specific visual tasks, Oakley’s Sport-Specific Progressive Lenses are optimized for cycling, golf, and fishing. , 800-733-6255


Ray-Ban’s first-ever Rx program features Digital Surface Technology, a blue light filter in clear lenses, and UV protection in sun lenses. All Rx lenses feature the Ray-Ban brand signature. , 866-472-9226

Revo from ClearVision

All REVOlution Rx lenses protect against harmful blue light and come standard with the Revo SurfacePro Protection System, including mirror coatings and back-surface AR. Availability: digital SV and digital progressive, polarized in both Serillium poly and NXT Trivex. , 800-645-3733

Rudy Project

Rudy Project’s Impact Rx lenses are created with free-form technology for a full field of view and no distortion in wraps. Other Rx solutions include Direct Clips that allow ECPs to edge lenses in-house and insert into Rudy Project frames, and Rudy Project’s Rx Optical Insert. , 888-860-7597


Serengeti’s VarioDrive Thin Design Rx program is available in nearly 50 models and is crafted with NXT lens material. The Rx range is -8.00/+6.00. All Serengeti lenses (plano and Rx) are photochromic and have exclusive Spectral Control technology. Polarization is optional. , 800-548-0446

Smith from Safilo

Smith’s ChromaPop lenses eliminate color confusion while providing a sharper visual experience. Available materials: polarized Trivex and polarized and nonpolarized polycarbonate. All lenses feature front- and backside AR. Rx range is +2.00 to -5.00, with -2.00 to +2.00 cyl. , 888-206-2995

Smith style Crusader in matte tortoise with Chromapop polarized brown lenses


Spy’s Happy Lens “preserves the therapeutic effects of sunlight” in addition to providing visual performance enhancements, comfort, and protection. The range is +3.50 to -5.00 depending on curve. Spy also offers lenticular for higher prescriptions +5.00 to -7.00, depending on the frame style. , 800-779-3937


Vuarnet authentic prescription lenses are made of mineral glass and available in single vision or a free-form PAL that favors distance vision for an outdoor lifestyle. Rx “blending” technology allows for the extension of the Rx grid of 9-base lenses up to a total power of + 4.50 to - 4.50., 914-495-3701

Wiley X

Wiley X’s DIGIFORCE digital Rx lenses provide wide zones, a smooth transition through the zones, and minimalized oblique astigmatism. Two new designs are available: Digiforce Compute (enhanced near and intermediate) and Digiforce Road & Trail, a compensated design formulated for riding and driving. , 800-776-7842

Zeal Optics

Zeal Optics’ custom digital Rx lenses are produced in a zero-waste facility. Every polarized poly Rx lens includes backside AR. Rx parameters are +3.00 to -5.50, depending on frame style. , 888-454-9325


Rudy Project is one of several brands making it easier than ever to dispense Rx sport sunwear. The company just released an all-in-one dispensing kit that pairs popular frame styles with compatible optical docks and inserts that can be edged in-office to meet the needs of athlete patients and weekend warriors alike.