The EB Social Media Hot List

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it’s the start of a new quarter and time to recommit to your social media program. Having issues with creating content that is current, fun, and inspiring? Struggling with writing captions? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

For the month of April, we will be celebrating important dates and concentrating on brand values. Keep reading and enjoy all your freebies & free downloads. Yes, free. Info is in the box at the bottom of the page.

April 22: #EarthDay

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is a globally recognized and significant day of mindfulness. Since we are in the business of clarity, why not celebrate Earth in the best way it’s enjoyed? In clarity.

Take your best travel photos and use them as a background when using the WordSwag app to write your inspiring message. Not enough time? Just download my three-part Earth Day campaign for free. Relevant hashtags to use on these posts are #EarthDay2018, #BeautifulEarth, #NewGlasses.

April 26: Channing Tatum Appreciation Day

April 26 is a day when you can post gratuitous photos of Channing Tatum for business reasons. Celebrating Tatum’s birthday is a fun way to pull in a specific demographic—women aged 35+ who care about . . . muscles health. Remember to hashtag with #ChanningTatumAppreciationDay along with a fun caption. I’ve included three super-fun memes in the freebies folder (including the one on this page). Why? Because health matters.

Dr. Gill’s QOTD

I love telling my brand story on social media with visual quotes. Easy to read and easy to share, a great quote can go a long way. It could be the icing on top that finally gets that customer to walk into your business.

In addition to your brand story, quotes are a great way to share values. Here are two examples of quotes that successfully speak brand values: kindness, work ethic, positive thinking, and openness.

Wouldn’t you want to spend your money at a business that has these kinds of brand values?


Writing fun, inspiring captions takes practice. When it comes to writing for a social media audience, there’s a subtle balance between getting your point across and sounding salesy. Here are three captions that you can use on your product posts like the one shown here. PS.: You’re a marketing genius.

Option 1: “The multitude of compliments you are about to receive from complete strangers. You’re welcome.”

Option 2: “If you love someone, let them wear killer glasses.”

Option 3: “Get gallery-appropriate. First Friday art night is calling your name.”


Get all the corresponding post images we’ve created on the EB website for you to download and use for free!

—Tanya Gill, O.D.