Atelier Swarovski enters the luxury eyewear market with an exquisite debut collection from Marcolin. “The designs are a luxurious celebration of our crystal and the cutting-edge design and craftsmanship at the heart of the brand,” says Nadja Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski executive board.

Born in 2007 as the ultimate expression of the Swarovski crystal, Atelier Swarovski is known for its luxurious craftsmanship, with foundations in successful jewelry and home decor lines.

The new collection features five shimmering sunglass styles in vibrant hues (SK0164-P pictured). The suggested retail price range is $540 to $705.

INFO: 800-345-8482, US.MARCOLIN.COM


L’Amy America Introduces the All-New Canali Eyewear Collection

L’Amy America unveils the Canali eyewear collection, composed of 18 ophthalmic and 15 sunglass models that represent the iconic elements of the Canali brand.

Founded in 1934, family-run Canali is known for its tailor-made Italian luxury, offering premium suits, pants, shirts, shoes, and accessories. Canali boasts 180 boutiques, and the brand can be found in more than 1,000 retail stores in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The new 100% Made-in-Italy Canali eyewear collection blends the brand’s signature technology and craftsmanship to create contemporary, cool looks for the modern man. Standout features include premium materials such as ZEISS Original lenses in a re-edition of tints from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’50s.

Pictured is style CO214.

The suggested retail price range is $340 to $475.


TO THE MARKET: Canali is a family-run company, now in its third generation, with its own production centers all located in Italy. The brand has more than 1,600 employees worldwide.


Safilo Debuts the Jimmy Choo Men’s Eyewear Collection—From Formal to Luxe Streetwear

Luxury accessories brand Jimmy Choo expands its existing portfolio of men’s shoes, bags, and small leather goods with the launch of the Jimmy Choo men’s eyewear collection from Safilo.

The collection offers 10 sunglasses with foundations in the effortless attitude and confidence of the Jimmy Choo Man. The collection is defined by three distinct style stories: The Line (featuring formal, elegant statement pieces), The Studs (luxe streetwear appeal), and The Iconic Twist (drawing inspiration from Jimmy Choo’s sneaker and accessory lines).

Pictured is style Carl, from The Studs story, which has a bold attitude with a metal pilot frame, leather spoilers, and micro-studs. The suggested retail price range is $300 to $515.

INFO: 800-631-1188, MYSAFILO.COM

TO THE MARKET: The Jimmy Choo Men’s Eyewear from Safilo was showcased exclusively for the first time during Men’s Fashion Week in Milan in January.