Are You Wellthy?

as I write this column, I am sitting at my home office desk, mercifully, in my favorite, old well-worn cashmere slippers and Lululemon yoga pants and t-shirt. I am just back from four jam-packed and incredibly inspiring days at Vision Expo East in New York City.

Sore muscles, tired feet, brain drain—with 14-hour days on the go, Vision Expo is an endurance sport of the highest order. The Ironman of optical events. So, with the need to get this issue on press, today I type (not walk) and rest my vocal chords (not talk). I take immune boosters, drink detox tea, and book a massage. Because, wellness is key.

“Health and wellness is one of the few areas that will drive retail growth in 2018 and beyond,” Wendy Liebmann of WSL Strategic Retail tells EB.

ACTIVE, LIGHT feature, page 46

I have always been a bit of a health nut, and so now it seems that millions of U.S. consumers are also jumping on the wellness wagon. Today, health and wellness is a hot trend, and its reach is extending into all retail and service categories. In fact, in 2016, the global wellness economy reached $3.7 trillion—and is expected to grow by a whopping 17% in the next five years. Being “wellthy” is today’s new status symbol.

In this issue, starting on page 46 in our Active, Light feature, we reveal how the wellness craze is affecting eyecare professionals, with a highlight on a new active-light, fashion-meets-function sports sunwear category that perfectly fits the focus—and consumers’ desire for healthy vision.

We also serve up a curated array of active-light sunwear in our fashion feature on page 38. And, for those of you with patients who desire sports sunwear with an Rx, check out our must-keep roundup of 17 proprietary sports Rx programs on page 48.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and wishing you a very “wellthy” year in 2018!

Our cover feature this month reveals the new wellness-centric active-light category of sports sunwear, made for a revolution.

Erinn Morgan
Editor-in-Chief + Editorial Director
Eyecare Business