Costa Fishing Community Manager Joins Prestigious Angling Club


Costa fishing community manager Amanda Sabin exemplifies the company’s “Born on the Water” mentality.

Sabin has loved fishing since childhood, and recently became the 136th angler to join the International Game Fish Association’s Billfish Royal Slam Club—one of the most prestigious and revered angling clubs, requiring that participants catch nine species of billfish in their lifetime.

It’s no small feat, but Sabin also became the ninth recognized angler to catch all nine species of billfish in a single calendar year.

Here, Sabin shares with EB how her work with Costa is more than just an occupation—but a way of life.
Eyecare Business: You’re the 136th angler to join the Billfish Royal Slam Club and the ninth to complete the challenge in a single calendar year. All in all, accomplishing this feat required 11 months and substantial globetrotting—how did you stay focused and motivated?
Amanda Sabin: Staying focused and motivated was easy. I was determined to accomplish this not matter what it took. The hard part was deciding when and where to go for each species. There were many sleepless nights spent stressing over who to fish with, where to fish and when to go to maximize every single opportunity.
EB: Sporting the right eyewear is key for anglers. Which Costa frames are your favorite and how have they helped you in your fishing achievements?
Sabin: Personally, I love our Southpoint frames. They’re stylish yet also provide incredible coverage on the water. I typically match the lenses to the various light conditions and environments in which I’m fishing. First thing in the morning and late in the afternoon I prefer our Sunrise Silver mirror lens while the green mirror lens is ideal for full sun.
EB: Costa was born on the water—and you’ve always lived by the water and have enjoyed fishing since a young age. As Costa’s fishing community manager, which professional experience are you most proud of?
Sabin: I’m proud to have a job that is so much more than an occupation. It’s part of who I am and what I love. Through my years with Costa, I’ve been able to live out my passions for fishing while working to protect the watery environment we love so much. At Costa, the passion to explore and the drive to protect the environment permeates through all that we do.