Sunglass-Level UV in Clear Lenses

Beginning this month, ZEISS will start including its new, groundbreaking UVProtect technology in its clear lenses. The technology is the result of years of R&D designed to address the gap in UV protection: Sunglasses can protect up to 400nm, but clear lenses protect only to around 380nm. According to ZEISS, the 380-400nm range of UV rays is responsible for 40% of the UV radiation we are exposed to, leaving patients who wear only their clear lenses outdoors vulnerable to photokeratitis, conjunctivitis, pinguecula, cataracts, and skin cancer.

ZEISS UVProtect provides complete direct UV protection built right into the monomer, without adding any tint to the lens. The new technology allows all ZEISS plastic materials to perform with the same clarity and optical characteristics they currently do, but eliminates the gap in UV protection.

ECPs will not incur a price increase. Instead, ZEISS says it hopes the added protection will help attract ECPs and their patients to the portfolio.

ZEISS representatives have told EB that the company will not seek patent protection on the technology, as it hopes this new development serves to raise the industrywide standard of care regarding UV protection.

This month UVProtect is available in all free-form PAL and SV lenses, conventional SV lenses, and stock lenses. By September, it will be added to all ZEISS semi-finished PALs.



“This is the first time that sunglass-level UV protection will be available in all-clear lenses, giving eyeglasses wearers effortless protection for their eyes and eyelids. Not only does UVProtect technology establish a new standard of care in the eyecare industry, this technology will now come standard in all ZEISS plastic eyeglass lenses.”
—Jens Boy, president of ZEISS Vision USA


Expanded Acuvue

Johnson & Johnson Vision announces the U.S. launch of expanded parameters for 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism, with its proprietary Blink-Stabilized Design for clear, stable vision and Lacreon Technology for long-lasting comfort.

With the addition of 48% more lens parameters for patients with astigmatism, the 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand contact lens family now offers coverage for nearly 96% of spherical and astigmatic eyes.


J&J VISION / ACUVUE MOIST for Astigmatism


Kiosk for Custom Eyewear

Eye-DNA is debuting a new touch-screen kiosk for optical retailers who are looking to offer patients something out of the ordinary. The kiosk features a frame display as well as the hardware for 3D scanning and design using the 3DNA eyewear design app.

3DNA improves the process of fitting myriad facial features and unique consumer tastes by transforming eyewear selection from passive A/B choosing into a fun and collaborative experience. The app enables ECPs, with customization technology based on 3D scanning and 3D interactive eyewear design, to create bespoke-tailored and precisely fit premium eyewear.

The kiosk displays 16 frames with storage for an additional 45 pieces.


Eye-DNA / Custom eyewear kiosk


New PAL Lens Series

Precision Optical Group (POG Labs) launches the Eyecon Lens series, a customizable group of progressive lens designs. With any design offered under the Eyecon name, the wearer is getting a unique lens calculated using Digital Ray-Path, POG Lab’s innovative technology that improves the lens performance for any gaze direction.

There are six lenses in the Eyecon family, each with a different primary purpose:

Eyecon E: for the experienced PAL wearer

Eyecon F: for the first-time PAL wearer

Eyecon N: with enhanced near vision

Eyecon D: with enhanced distance vision

Eyecon Mobile: for mobile device users

Eyecon S: an extra-short progressive for very small fashion frames


Precision Optical Group / Eyecon Lens series


3D-Printed Lens for Pilots

Got pilots as patients? Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab announces the launch of the Pilot Quatro, a vocational lens for commercial pilots who require distance vision, near vision, and two intermediate corrections: one for viewing the lower cockpit instrument panel and one for viewing the above-cockpit panel.

Additionally, all four visual fields have a yellow or green filter for increased contrast in dim cockpit lighting and hazy outside weather conditions.

The lens also has a Chemistrie G15 clip that has the depth dimension equal to the distance vision field to provide sun protection and increase viewing comfort, without impairing near or intermediate viewing fields.

The Pilot Quatro lens is a Quest original design, produced using Luxexcel’s groundbreaking 3D lens printing platform. Quest is one of only two labs in the U.S. to have the 3D printing platform.

INFO: 727-581-4100,

Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab / Pilot Quatro