Workplace Lenses Solution Guide

Our November issue includes a feature on the growing occupational or workplace PAL category. These lenses are a perfect second-pair sale for any presbyopic patient who works for hours at a time at a computer, as they have optimized near to mid-range zones that provide a comfortable, wide viewing area where they need it most.
Below is a sampling of the major players in the workplace/office lens category.
SEIKO PC WIDE: From SEIKO Optical Products, these lenses are optimized for the desktop environment, providing a large full-power area for reading and close-up work. The intermediate area then uses reverse power accommodation technology to smoothly reduce the power as the eye rotates upward through the lens, optimizing vision for desktop computer monitor distances.
SEIKO SUPERIOR: From SEIKO Optical Products. This is an “ultra-personalized lens” that starts with three designs to match the patient’s lifestyle—one offering a balance of zones, one offering comfortable near vision, and one offering clear far vision—and 11 different corridor lengths accommodating nearly every size and shape frame. There are also 51 options for the near zone inset and 21 options for frame pantoscopic tilt for complete personalization.
ESSILOR: Eyezen+ lenses have a power boost in the bottom of the lens that reduces patients’ eye strain when looking at electronic screens, and reduces exposure to the harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices.
ESSILOR: Essilor Computer lenses are PALs with a power boost in the middle of the lens, which improves the wearer’s visual comfort at the computer. Intermediate zones are also larger and wider.
SHAMIR: Shamir Computer and Shamir WorkSpace provide customizable solutions: Computer for those who need to predominately focus at a monitor, and WorkSpace for those who need to see the computer while also focusing on the mid-distance workspace.
SIGNET ARMORLITE: KODAK SoftWear lenses are designed with a larger intermediate area perfectly placed for viewing a computer monitor. They also incorporate a wide reading area to provide comfortable viewing of source documents or the keyboard. They boast an easy-to-order and easy-to-fit design, with a set monitor-viewing distance of 24 inches.
VISION EASE: This is a trio of digital backside lenses, each offering optimal viewing zones for specific tasks: VISION EASE Computer lenses maximize the viewing zone for tasks closer than 6 feet; VISION EASE Desk lenses provide roomy near and intermediate zones up to 12 feet to both view computer screens and engage with others near their desks; and VISION EASE Office lenses are for viewing ranges up to 20 feet. These lenses enhance near and intermediate vision as a wearer moves from meetings to their computers throughout the day.
VSP Optics Group: Unity CV Digital lenses are customized for task-specific visual optimization and available in three distances (4, 6, and 12 feet) to provide optimized focus for the task. Unity CV Digital Lenses can also be paired with TechShield Blue to provide blue light defense.

ZEISS: The ZEISS Officelens is a custom solution giving wearers crisp vision according to the individual wearer needs: ZEISS Officelens Book for close-up reading needs; ZEISS Officelens Desk for the computer monitor and surrounding area; and ZEISS Officelens Room, with clear vision up to 14 feet.