Making an Impact

eb: What are some of the services you offer? 
gn: We offer comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens evaluations (we do a lot of dailies, torics and multifocals), surgery co-management (LASIK, cataract, ICL, raindrop, SMILE) and medical visits. On the optical side, we offer complete customization of lenses such as digital single-vision and progressive lenses and customization of frames. Tom Davies Bespoke and iGreen give patients the ability to choose the color and finish of their frames. We can also size the frame to fit the patient just right.

eb: What are some of the more exciting trends you are seeing in eyewear, lenses, and eye care?
gn: Customization of frames and lenses. Tom Davies Bespoke and iGreen do this very well and there is so much choice—it’s amazing! Patients can use eyewear as a form of self-expression like they do with shoes, handbags, or other accessories. Tom Davies will even laser engrave your name on the inside of your frame. Varilux’s S-series (especially the S4D) has helped us convert many progressive non-adapt patients into successful progressive wearers. We love the Visioffice and its precise digital measurements that are used for lens customization.

eb: What are some of your best-selling frame brands and styles?
gn: Blackfin, Tom Ford, Tom Davies Bespoke, Robert Marc, Gold & Wood, Celine and SUPER.

eb: Who is your typical customer? What are they looking for in their eyewear?
gn: We are lucky to be in an educated upwardly mobile neighborhood near downtown Houston. Many of the patients are neighbors that I see when I’m walking Chloe. There is a mix of young professionals, empty nesters and young families. We are also lucky to be sandwiched between two of Houston’s best city parks, Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou Park so our patient base is very active as well. Our clients are looking for high-quality, well-made frames that have a look and feel, but without being loud or obnoxious. Classic shapes with a twist do very well. We customize a lot and mixed materials are very popular.
They also expect their eyewear to be multifunctional in various environments. We do a lot of Transitions and Rx sunglasses. Over 90% of our patients put Crizal Avance, Sapphire or Prevencia on their lenses.
—Jackie Micucci