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New, Improved Eye Gel

A new version of OcuDerma, a popular eye gel developed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes, is now available from MediNiche, Inc. OcuDerma was originally introduced in 1996 and is sold exclusively through eyecare offices.

The formula has been updated to also help reduce the visible signs of aging. The non-oily and nonsticky gel contains peptides that help reduce under-eye bags by decreasing capillary permeability, improving lymphatic circulation, and improving firmness and elasticity, the company notes.

The packaging has also been updated, and now features a “Sani-Dose” pump dispenser that delivers the eye gel without the need to dip fingers into jars for repeated uses—thus reducing the risk of contamination. Special pricing is available to new customers as part of the reintroduction.

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Eye Fatigue Aid

The Visualign SpecLifter is a simple eyewear positioning aid that can provide multifocal eyeglass wearers with an easy and affordable way to alleviate computer vision syndrome and other forms of eye strain when a multiple pair or new frame sale just isn’t possible.

ECPs know that multifocal lens wearers can’t always focus their eyes comfortably during prolonged periods of computer use when the monitor is at or above eye level. Adjusting head positioning can result in neck and shoulder strain.

When the SpecLifter is placed on the bridge of the nose, it provides a “lift” to the glasses and the seg height, allowing the wearer to see close objects more clearly and comfortably.


VISUALIGN SPECLIFTER / Eyewear positioning aid


New Parameters

Alcon is expanding the parameters of DAILIES TOTAL1 multifocal contact lenses to fill a wider range of patients’ needs. The contact lenses are now available in extended powers ranging from +6.00D to -10.00D, in three add powers—for a total of 195 parameters to fit a range of patients’ needs for comfortable vision at near, intermediate, and far.

According to Alcon, the water-gradient material in the lenses helps to reduce end-of-day lens dryness, as the water content approaches 100% at the outermost surface of the lens. Additionally, Alcon’s Precision Profile technology offers a smooth progression of power.


ALCON / DAILIES TOTAL 1 expanded parameters