Cutting Edge

Get your accessories assortment on trend with chains that line up with one of Spring 2017’s biggest fashion statements

Edgy-yet-sophisticated looks put the spunk in punk for Spring 2017 style.

Spring ’17 fashion runways rolled out urban-inspired apparel—from leather looks and provocative, sheer materials to daring cutouts and a statement-making metallic color palette.

Bold adornments and accessories also worked their own angle to up apparel’s downtown edge factor, with everything from gold-and-black spikes and statement charms to eclectic shapes punctuating the look.

With a nod to this sizzling style trend, the upcoming season’s eyewear retainers boast an electric blend of rebel-inspired leather tassels, head-turning bead shapes and colors, metallic chains—and even the juxtaposition of wholesome pearls.

Here, we serve up five specs chains that double as on-point accessories. Stock up on edgy retainers this season to capitalize on your patients’ desire to be on trend.

Urban Outfitters (left to right): Hilco’s Trista dangler offers a modern hint of animal print. Croakies’ chain from the World Cords collection features Czech glass beads and UV-resistant spec ends (SKU #WC1CZ15HT). La LOOP model 211P pairs onyx beads (storied to have protective qualities that repel negativity), a silverplated loop, and a black leather tassel. Ron’s Optical mixes black and crystal-colored shapes and adds lobster claw clasps with its Ava chain. Corinne McCormack blends elegant and edgy with faux pearls and 6mm chain (SKU #10401084).