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Safilo Starts Rx Program for Smith

Safilo has started an Rx program for its Smith eyewear brand. The goal? Breaking through the complexity of current optical Rx lens options by offering simplified proprietary lens and frame solutions.

Safilo will serve as a one-stop provider for the Smith Rx program, with a single online portal and billing account for simplicity. The Rx program will handle both clear Rx lenses and Smith’s ChromaPop sun lenses.

Clear Rx lenses feature Trivex material and a superior hard coating for scratch resistance, plus a front and back clear hydro- and oleophobic AR coating. Lens options include finished single vision, digital single vision, or digital progressive, with an Rx range of +4.00 to -5.00.

Smith ChromaPop Rx lenses are a premium Trivex polarized option offering full color-spectrum management by filtering both 480 and 580 light wavelengths, plus front and back AR. ChromaPop Rx is available in digital single vision polarized and digital progressive polarized (all with or without mirrors). The Rx range is +3.00 to -5.00, though the specific prescription range will vary by frame.

INFO: 800-631-1188,

SAFILO / Smith Rx Program

Tame Those Temples

New from Western Optical Supply is the Temple Tamer, an optician’s tool designed to make adjustments and repairs easier. The tool takes the “burn” out of your fingers, as it holds the warm temple during adjustments.

The dual-sided Temple Tamer also makes replacing temple tips easy, as it can be used to straighten an ear piece for temple tip replacement, then curve it back into position.

A live demonstration can be viewed on the company website.

INFO: 800-423-3294,


Generation 2 Generator

Satisloh has followed up on the success of its flagship digital generator, the VFT-orbit, with a new generation—the VFT-orbit 2. The fully automated, newer version features several innovations that make it faster and easier than the previous model.

A proprietary milling tool interface for the 14-tooth cutter enables a 60% higher revolution accuracy, reduced run-out, and extended tool life. The new design also makes regular maintenance and service easier.

Though it’s a high-volume generator, the VFT-orbit 2 is appropriate for large retail centers as well as wholesale optical labs.

INFO: 262-255-6002,

SATISLOH / VFT-orbit 2 generator


New Glass Lens From Corning

Corning Incorporated has released Corning Clear 15 glass, a new high-performance glass lens. Due to a proprietary molecular structure that undergoes an ion-exchange process, Corning says this new lens provides a thinner and more scratch-resistant solution compared with plastic materials commonly used for prescription lenses.

“We are pleased to bring Corning Clear 15 and the benefits of thin, scratch-resistant glass to the ophthalmic market. It can be ground 25% percent thinner and lighter than common glass lenses, and is ideal for those who need clear, sharp vision that only comes with precision optics.”

—LYLE RUBIN, sales and marketing manager, Americas, Corning Specialty Glass

Corning Clear 15 glass is a standard-index glass available as thin as 1.5mm. It has a high Abbe value, providing better vision and optical clarity, according to Corning. It also has high chemical durability, making it more immune than plastic to household solvents or common cleaning formulas often used to clean lenses.

This new lens is now available from select U.S. labs with free-form equipment to produce the newest-style lenses, including dual-sided PAL designs. Currently, that list includes Vision Dynamics, FEA Industries, Luzerne Optical Laboratories, MH Optical Supplies, New Hampshire Optical, and Pelican Optical.

INFO: 607-974-9000,

CORNING, INC. / Corning Clear 15

No-Block Edging

MEI has introduced a new feature to its popular EzFit all-in-one high-output edger: a “NoBlock” module. The module offers operators automatic, error-free lens centering without the need for a block.

The NoBlock module includes a frontofocometer—the blockless centering system for monofocal, bifocal, and progressive lenses—and a dual-loading arm for automatic machine loading/unloading. It loads the next lens while the machine is shaping the previous one and, in combination with EzFit, allows users without any particular experience to position the lens properly by automatically compensating for any errors.

The NoBlock module can work in nonstop mode for maximum output, or single-pair mode, to shape both lenses without user interaction.


MEI / EzFit No-Block Edger

Diameter Options

X-Cel Specialty Contacts, makers of Extreme H2O disposable soft contact lenses, has expanded its product line with Extreme H2O Daily, a one-day disposable contact lens available in three diameter options (13.6, 14.2, and 14.8). Available parameters in all diameters are: +0.50 to +6.00 and -0.50 to -10.00 (.50D steps after -6.00).

According to X-Cel, 27% of patients have a horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) that falls outside the normal range of 11.3 to 12.3. These patients would benefit from a smaller or larger diameter contact lens.

X-Cel provides a slide ruler for quick and effective HVID measurement.

Patients with an HVID larger than 12.3 should be fit in the larger 14.8 diameter lens, and those with an HVID less than 11.4 should be fit in the smaller 13.6 diameter lens.

INFO: 800-241-9312,