Millennial Courtship Tips

Millennials. AKA Generation Y.
Everybody’s talking about them. They are now the largest demographic in the country (eeking out the baby boomers), and—because they are in their late 20s on average—they are just starting to come into their buying power. Though they may be a valuable customer base, they are a bit a of a unique customer base in that they are not attracted to or driven by the same retail motivation as past generations.

As an addendum to our retail feature article on millennials this month, we present six ways to “court” the millennial customer/patient.

1: Establish a viable, interactive social-media presence
that’s kept up to date. 
2: Get personal—from merchandising products that can be customized
to marketing via highly targeted special offers.
3: Millennials value businesses with a social conscious: Offer
merchandise that gives back to key causes and to those in need.
4. Be omnichannel: Make sure your online and mobile sites are
sophisticated, seamless and easy to navigate.
5. Gen Y makes purchasing decisions based on peer feedback
and reviews: Incorporate them into your practice.
6. Be inclusive: This generation is multi-ethnic. Make sure your
marketing and merchandising reflects the diversity
of the nation’s biggest buying group.
 —by Barbara Thau
 (photo courtesy of Essilor of America for Eyezen+ lenses)