How to Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with The Vision Council

The Vision Council is preparing for the annual National Sunglasses Day (held on June 27) by asking eyecare professionals to promote its message on the importance of UV protection.

Here, quick tips on how to get involved while informing and enlightening your patients.

Freebies and Discounts: Get consumers involved through sales incentives. Consider offering a discounted price on sunwear products on June 27. Or, host a social media challenge: Encourage followers of your practice to share posts related to National Sunglasses Day in order to win a prize. Consider a strategy like the most-liked photo, and send the winner a free pair of sunglasses.

Socialize: Get the word out to your patients about National Sunglasses Day by encouraging them to share photos of themselves in sunwear leading up to June 27 on social media. The Vision Council’s official hashtags for the celebration are #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassesSelfie. The Vision Council even offers sample social media posts to help kickstart the conversation.

Celeb sightings: If you already have a connection with a blogger or social influencer, share with them the message of National Sunglasses Day and the importance of UV protection. Have them share a photo for the day, tagging your business.
Do it big: Consider hosting an event on June 27 to promote the importance of sunwear protection, and The Vision Council offers UV reports and infographics to get the word out. Share your plans with The Vision Council so that it can further promote your efforts. 

The Vision Council provides many resources, like UV reports, the breakdown of UV based on geographic area, and more at