App-tivity on the Sales Floor

Retailers in all channels have been integrating tablets on the sales floor over the past few years. Though their use, especially with larger, upscale stores, may have been initially for POS and placing orders quickly for customers, that use has morphed into a retail tool that is being used by global retail brands for floor management, sales, and customer education.
And optical is keeping pace with this trend.
David Harouche, founder and president of Multimedia Plus, writes: “The future of this technology in retail will be the use of customized apps that work in tandem with existing software and hardware as the method of choice for communicating with associates on everything from product knowledge to all levels of training.”
Why do iPad-based apps have such appeal? According to Harouche:
-- High-quality visuals = high impact
-- Eco factor of paperless information is attractive to customers
-- Curated, customized content