Gunnar Launches at GameStop


Gunnar Optiks, manufacturer of computer and gaming eyewear, today announced a distribution deal with GameStop. The
Intercept and Vayper, two gaming styles that help reduce eye fatigue and visual stress, will be available in 450 GameStop stores nationwide at an MSRP of $59.99 and $79.99, respectively. Additional gaming styles will be available for purchase at as well, company representatives note.

The partnership is ideal for Gunnar and GameStop, notes Joe Croft, co-founder of Gunnar Optiks, of the distribution agreement, which kicks off with 500 of 5,000 doors, with plans to roll out further based on sell-through numbers.

Through a partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision, Gunnar Optiks eyewear is available in prescription as well and can be ordered direct at

The packaging of the eyewear, Croft notes, also directs consumers to their ECPs for Rx lens fitting. “Among the video gaming crowd, we have done the research, asking how many need Rx and it was 45 to 50 percent Rx wearers. It’s extremely high in comparison with the  mainstream population. GameStop cannot Rx these—that’s where we see a great synergy between ECPs and consumer electronics/gaming people.”

Croft suggests ECPs go to their local GameStops and leave their cards for consumers seeking to Rx their eyewear. “Check with local GameStops and bring cards over, reach out, building the message about eye health and video display terminals. That’s what the very marketing minded ECPs can do.”

This market of potential wearers is fairly untapped and uneducated on computer vision syndrome. “Gamers tend to spend long periods of time staring at a screen over rounds of Call of Duty or League of Legends. Gaming time, combined with hours in front of a computer screen at work, puts them at risk of serious eyestrain, a symptom of Computer Vision Syndrome. Gunnar Optiks Computer and Gaming Eyewear help minimize eye fatigue and dry eyes, while improving contrast, comfort, and focus,” explains. “By making Gunnars available in GameStop stores, we’re able to educate gamers about the benefits of our gaming glasses and raise awareness for Computer Vision Syndrome at the local level.”

“Gunnar Optiks is the leader in gaming glasses, providing products for both competitive and casual gamers around the world,” said Chris Choy, Merchant of GameStop. “By offering Gunnars, both in our stores and online, we are continuing our commitment to fully supporting the gaming lifestyle through protecting the vision of our loyal customers.”   

Gunnar Optiks glasses combines form and function with style to reduce digital eye fatigue. Its patented i-AMP lens technology gives gamers and computer users more comfort and better performance in the short term while decreasing wear and tear on eyes in the long term. Working with the eye, optic nerve, and brain to enhance the viewing experience, the glasses allow users to see more clearly, absorb and process more than with the naked eye, and improve visual endurance for extended gaming sessions.