June 2007

June 2007

June 2007 Issue


  • Bright Ideas

    Kids need sunwear just as much if not more than adults do. With protection as the key issue for parents and style as priority one for kids, you can present and sell more sunwear to younger folks

  • Think it can’t happen here? Think Again

    Creating a security plan to keep your stock and your staff safe

  • The Name Game

    Are brand names still making the sale for the kid's market? We check in to see if brand power is still an unstoppable force

  • We Love Kids

    Dana Cohen thought he'd given up his dream of working with kids when he ended his career path toward becoming a pediatrician and entered the optical industry. That is, until he found his true calling in serving kids' eyewear needs

  • Nothing’s Too Good for My Baby

    Optical's potential for high-end children's eyewear has never been greater, if you appeal to the powerful combination of parents' love for luxury and their kids