As individuals wear face masks for protection amid the Covid-19 pandemic, those who wear glasses are met with the unfortunate situation of their lenses fogging up. Those wearers also run the risk of distorted vision due to fogged lenses, which can create hazardous conditions.

To respond to this challenge for mask-wearers that wear glasses, specifically those in medical teams, Shamir Insight, Inc. is piloting a technology called Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog, designed to permanently prevent the buildup of vapor on lenses without any type of activator or rejuvenation spray.

Glacier Anti-Fog with Duplex Technology:
: Features Glacier Plus, a Premium Anti-Reflective Coating as Standard

  • Glacier Plus is a Premium Anti-Reflective coating designed to resist, repel, and reduce any dust, debris, and glare for optimal vision.

Backside: Features Glacier Anti-Fog, a Permanent Anti-Fog Solution

  • No spray activator, cloth activator, or rejuvenator ever required. Long-lasting, fog-free solution from the start to end of working shifts.
  • Collects and spreads water vapor on lens in a pattern that preserves the vision clarity.
  • Ideal for consumers wearing masks, in particular those fully dressed in PPE clothing.

“Shamir is a fast and agile company,” says Shamir CEO Raanan Naftalovich. “We are able to immediately shift R&D focus to products that benefit our customers and their patients. The Anti-Fog duplex technology is a unique product in the optical world, in that two technologies are built into the lens and works amazingly well from the start to the end of a working shift. Our job is to provide designs that offer superior corrective vision, as well as eliminate factors that distort vision including fog buildup.”

Although Glacier Anti-Fog was scheduled to launch in North America at the end of year, the company has now accelerated manufacturing to launch the product within the coming weeks. 

The priority of the pilot for Shamir’s Glacier Anti-Fog technology will initially provide the resources necessary for first responders and health care professionals wearing PPE, masks, and face shields, in hospitals where Covid-19 is highly saturated. As more manufacturing becomes readily available, Glacier Anti-Fog will be made accessible to consumers via their eyecare professional.

Shamir is in the process of developing a rollout launch plan in stages. Stay tuned in the coming months for more information, and updates regarding availability and release on this coating.

A portion of proceeds from Glacier Anti-Fog purchases will be donated to charity.

For more information: whenvisionmatters.com.