Liberty Sport expands its best-selling Z8 collection for kids, unveiling the new Rec Specs Z8-Y70, designed to be “virtually indestructible” for everyday wear.

"When prescribing vision correction solutions for youth, durability and both short and long-term eye health are key considerations. Z8 frames, based on years of R&D by Liberty Sport, provide a level of durability unsurpassed by typical ophthalmic frames," says Alan Reichow, O.D., MEd, FAAO.

The Z8 frames are now guaranteed for life with Liberty’s new “no questions asked” warranty which covers broken frames as well as scratched lenses when ordered through the Rec Specs Lab. Designed for active young girls, the Z8-Y70 is available in a 47 and a 51 eye size and is offered in four colors: Translucent Red/Lime (pictured), Translucent Blue/Powder Blue, Shiny Tortoise/Rose, and Translucent Purple/Lavender.

Liberty recommends its RS Clear Blue lens or the React-X Photochromic with RS Blue for all Z8 frames styles available through the Rec Specs Lab. Both provide a shatterproof lens with protection from blue light and reduce eye strain and the React-X provides an indoor and outdoor all-day lens solution.

For more information: 800-444-5010, libertysport.com.