Designed for the open road, Liberty Sport adds two new models to its performance sunglasses collection for motorcyclists. 

The Throttle and Rally feature high-wrap designs with magnetic removable side-shields for full coverage and protection from wind and debris. 

“The magnetic side-shields of these frames are a performance-based technology that addresses the safety and health needs of the bike rider while providing the versatility to customize the eyewear to the specific visual and environmental demands faced on the road,” says Alan Reichow, O.D., MEd, FAAO. “This technology addresses these demands provides frames for active patients.” RALLY_MBCY.jpg

Plus, the sunglasses can be merchandised with Liberty’s six-frame Creative Diorama Display and Caution Cone, designed to create a dynamic environment through a first-person perspective of a motorcyclist and can be complimented with the ‘Too Tough’ poster series in the dispensing area. 

"Clear, protected vision is critical to safe riding and enjoyment for motorcyclists. Protecting your eyes prevents eye injuries and helps prevent loss of control while riding,” says Liberty Marketing Manager Angela Gerber. “Liberty recommends motorcyclists to wear proper eye protection and 12 states require it by law with another 24 requiring this unless fitted with windshields over 15” high.”

For more information: 800-444-5010, libertysport.com.