Leisure Society, the luxurious eyewear company created by edCFDA member Shane Baum, unveils its SS19 campaign and collection.

“The Pacific Diaries” campaign is inspired by the American classic Two Years Before the Mast. Published in 1840, the memoir focused on Richard Henry Dana Jr.’s two-year sea voyage from Boston, MA, to California—an expedition that pushed boundaries. The campaign aims to highlight the trials and tribulations of a family’s legacy. 

Pictured is style Edna, showcasing a technologically-advanced construction that combines the titanium chassis adorned with intricate patterns with a zyl front. Beta-titanium is coated in 12k, 18k, or 24k gold to maintain a jewelry-inspired quality while zyl temple ends are used for added comfort. Each frame is individually numbered and handmade in Japan. 

For more information: 949-645-8783, leisure-society.com.