ic! berlin introduces its Custom Fit Collection, an assortment of frames with adjustable design elements.

“We’ve long since offered components to make our frames adaptable to different faces,” says the company. “But our Custom Fit Collection is the first time we’ve created a collection to cater exclusively and inclusively to our loyal wearers, who would like a better fit on the bridge of their nose and their cheekbones.”

ic! berlin’s Custom Fit frames with Silk hinge include:

  • A new S-Shaped nose pad arm, designed for greater adjustability
  • A thicker silicone pop-in nose pad, so the frame sits higher on the nose
  • A flatter base curve on the lenses that levitates above the cheeks
  • Temples placed at a lower inclination for less pantoscopic tilt

New to the collection are ophthalmic styles The Lone Wolf, Toru N., and Jangma (pictured), as well as sunglass styles The Rebel and The Antihero.

For more information: 866-634-8990, ic-berlin.de/en_GB.